IA-2668-E: Ethernet Controlled & Ready to Go

Online-Devices.com is excited with the newest Intelligent-Appliance Ethernet controlled edition to our stock.

The new IA-2668-E is a new ATE device, featuring 96-ch Dry-Contact I/O device featuring 48 Solid-State relays, and 48 Digital Inputs, Pluggable Terminal Blocks and a 170x130mm footprint.

Although designed for delicate ATE, this device will fit seamlessly into many other applications such as Machine Control, Building Control, Factory Floor, Security, Monitoring, etc.

To be able to handle high input signals in a wide Voltage range of over +/- 32VDC, this device is well protected and filtered, and also includes special Input circuits which can be configured to behave as LVTTL devices or TTL devices in order to comply with the present UUT circuits,

The new IA-2668-E can support both NPN or PNP output circuits, using the software for setting up the internal Pull-up resistors to be connected either to Positive or GND signal.

Also configurable by software, the Digital Input Logic can be set to present as Positive or Negative one, while keeping this setup information for the next operation as well.

Capable of handling Millions of operations without becoming a subject to mechanical failure, the IA-2668-E is a great ATE solution. With 48 Solid-State Relays, and the ability to handle various Loads, Various UUT Input circuits, and circuits that should be referred to GND, to a Positive Voltage or circuits that must be kept Galvanic Isolated - this is truly an excellent and elegant solution

To make wiring simple, quick and cost efficient, on-board pluggable terminal blocks create a mass-free work environment.

Like with all Intelligent -Appliance modules, the software care package provided with the IA-2668-E is loaded with a wide and varied command, including Internal functions, Software and Hardware Interrupt generation as subject to Digital Input State Change with an internal bit level masking ability.

This new smart, user-friendly Ethernet operated module is a welcome addition to our stock of Intelligent-Appliance models. For more information on the IA-2668-E or other Intelligent-Appliance modules, please refer to our website.

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