STEPPERONLINE New Waterproof Stepper Motor

Due to the preponderance of water and solvents, motion control components are often exposed to the high risk of corrosion and failure. At the same time, the waterproof motors are a key part of the solution to water-induced motor failure problems. Since automation of industrial processes often will require automation equipment to operate in the presence of water and aqueous fluids, the waterproof stepper motor is especially important in some industries.

Normally, stepper motors are normally constructed of magnetic iron, and will corrode very easily when subjected to the moisture. To optimize torque, the gap between the rotating and non-rotating teeth of the motor is held to about .002 in. When the motor is operating, these teeth get hot, and the temperature is typically high enough to turn any water in the motor into steam. Steam is corrosive, such that the magnetic iron in the teeth rusts faster than usual. Then in order to avoid this, STEPPERONLINE waterproof stepper motor is designed to accommodate O-ring seals, allowing the watertight sealing that is not practical in a standard motor. Besides, the wiring that leads to the motor coils in a waterproof motor requires a hermetically-sealed feed-through device to prevent water from wicking into the motor via the cable conductors.

In the meantime, waterproof stepper motor has many advantages of low torque, fast start-up response, low noise, stable operation, good control performance and low cost of the whole machine.

Below are some typical applications of waterproof stepper motor:
Drug Manufacturing, Machine Tools, Marine Submersion, Paper Making, Film Processing, Chemical Manufacturing, food and beverage packaging industry, computer embroidery machine.
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