Stäubli to Demo Range of Robots Designed for Food Usage in Booth No. B6851 at IPPE 2020

Humid Environment (HE) line of solutions leads the industry in the safe, hygienic processing of a wide range of food products, including meats.

The cleanliness, speed, efficiency and safety of a wide variety of Stäubli Robotics solutions will be on display for attendees at the upcoming meat-industry focused International Processing and Production Expo.

Stäubli, the global leader in robotics for sensitive environments, will have three robotics demonstrations in booth No. B6851. In addition, Midwest Machine LLC and JLS Automation, will each offer demonstrations that will showcase the benefits of Stäubli's HE line of robots, developed specifically to work safely and efficiently alongside people in the humid environment.

This year's IPPE will be held Jan. 28-30, 2020, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

"We're excited to be a part of IPPE 2020 and have the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of Stäubli's Robotics' solutions in a range of industry settings,including meat cutting and packaging, as well as sausage packing," said Sebastien Schmitt, robotics division manager, Stäubli North America Corp. "Our partners have come to depend on Stäubli Robotics for reliable solutions that promote efficiency and safety in the workplace, and for this expo we are focusing on demonstrations of our food-gradeHE robotics line, which is an excellent complement to the high standards of the meat-processing industry — standards that reinforce our commitmentto sustaining safe, hygienic work areas.

"Visitors to Stäubli booth No. B687 will have the opportunity to see these solutions in action:
The SCARA FAST Picker TP80HE— the world's only picker designed for the food industry —will be used in a demonstration of high-speed primary packaging, featuring up to 200 picks per minutes.
The TX2 90 HE 6-axis robot showcasing waterjet andultrasonic cutting in demonstrations with both meats.
The TS2 60 HE 4-axis robot with a demonstration of sausageloading onto thermoforming machinery trays.

These three robots will share the common attributes of Stäubli's HE line:
Fully enclosed and pressurized structure to prevent micro-organismpenetrationand avoid condensation.1/2
Hygienic design features smooth, rounded and tilted surfaces to eliminate liquid retention.
Fully compatible with NSF H1 food-grade lubricant.
Protected against low pressure jets of water (IP65) and immersion (IP67)Designed specifically for use in wet environments and full wash-down applications.
Features stainless steel crucial components and specific coating to ensure durability in extreme conditions.
No external cables — all connections going through the base.
Unique, cylindrical envelope and small footprint.
Patented Stäubli proprietary JCS gearbox for top-of-the-line accuracy and repeatability.

In addition, attendees can visit the JLS Automation booth, No. B6609, to see primary-packing demonstrations of pork bellies being palletized using Stäubli food-grade six axis robots TX2 90 HE. Visitors to Midwest Machine LLC's booth No. B7353 will be able to watch a demonstration of automated meat deboning featuring the 6-axis TX2 60 HE.

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