From machines that develop human skills, to intelligent factory automation, personal health devices and social solutions, OMRON shows CES attendees how it is building a better tomorrow

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, January 6, 2020 - Global technology leader OMRON Corporation is showcasing the largest range of its technology at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including exhibits of factory automation, social solutions, and healthcare, and showing how the company is developing new offerings to address future issues. Emphasizing the harmony it has achieved between humans and machines, OMRON invites CES attendees to visit its booth (#26002), talk with experts, and engage with the company's latest innovations in robotics, sensing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

"OMRON's founding principle is to improve lives and contribute to a better society - that's the cornerstone of our business and drives what we do," said Nigel Blakeway, managing executive officer of OMRON Corporation. "At CES, we invite attendees to engage with our robots and to experience first-hand how they might encounter and benefit from OMRON technologies in manufacturing, in society, and in their personal lives."

Developing Human Potential
OMRON's AI-equipped robotics table tennis tutor FORPHEUS - a CES celebrity - returns to demonstrate the evolving ability of machines to help develop human potential. FORPHEUS represents OMRON Sensing & Control + Think technology: AI designed to study, learn, assess, and improve every day; high-speed vision synchronization; and robotics that operate with precision.

In his third CES appearance, FORPHEUS is demonstrating advanced capabilities to learn from and teach human players. Through OMRON's collaboration with Square Enix , the improved sixth generation FORPHEUS AI employs Square Enix's Meta-AI* technology to recognize and react to emotion in his human partner, which shapes more personalized coaching capabilities.

FORPHEUS displays his perception of his partners' emotions in real-time and will adjust the ball speed of his returns in reaction to the human player's motivation and ability in order to encourage the player's improvement.

"Like any good coach, FORPHEUS now recognizes a player's emotional state and level of motivation, and is more equipped to help players achieve peak performance," said Mike Chen, director of Automation Center Americas at OMRON Automation Americas. "This intelligent technology can be utilized to teach skills and unleash human potential and can be used to save lives in settings such as nursing homes, where assessing emotions is critical for timely response."

Promoting Safe, Productive, High-Quality Manufacturing
OMRON's display of automation technologies at CES 2020 highlights how its machines work together
in harmony with humans in a factory environment. The OMRON booth features robots,
manufacturing equipment and sensors designed to improve worker safety and satisfaction, boost
efficiency, and produce higher quality products.

Visitors at CES are invited to get hands-on experience with OMRON's collaborative robots, which can
be trained to perform almost any function, increasing human productivity and helping with
repetitive tasks. Appearing for the first time at CES 2020, the OMRON i4 next generation industrial
robot possesses embedded AI for predictive maintenance. This self-diagnosing robot detects and
communicates when it needs repairs and routine maintenance.

In the spotlight at CES, OMRON sensors, used in manufacturing and other applications, help create a
comfortable and safe working environment. The OMRON all-in-one Environment Sensor measures
multiple environmental conditions - including temperature and heat stroke risk factor, humidity,
light, UV index, noise level, barometric pressure, seismic activity and air quality - while the Human
Motion Sensor detects the presence of humans (without sharing biometric data or determining
individual identity) to improve process and production efficiency. Each intelligent sensor can
integrate with other machines to adjust to more favorable conditions for workers.

The latest OMRON robots and sensors appear alongside popular OMRON automation technology
from past shows, including OMRON mobile robots and a laser engraver, which help meet growing
consumer demand for customized products, and a pick and place machine which manages fine detail
work with speed and accuracy.

"Each of the OMRON automation technologies at CES demonstrate the ‘three I's' that we believe
represent the future of manufacturing - integrated, intelligent and interactive," said Chen. "OMRON
automation technology enables the assembly of never-before-seen products and ensures products
are safe and reliable and promotes a better environment and experience for workers."

Addressing Social Challenges
"OMRON applies more than 85 years of experience to developing technology," said Blakeway. "We
use that knowledge and understanding to predict future issues and take steps today toward the
solutions that will improve lives tomorrow."

OMRON Social Solutions apply Sensing & Control + Think technology to solve issues and address
societal challenges. For instance, with its ability to detect seismic activity, the OMRON Environment
Sensor can trigger the shutdown of potentially hazardous or easily damaged systems in the event of
an earthquake. Visitors to the OMRON booth at CES can demonstrate this capability by simulating
earthquake conditions in an interactive exhibit.

Visitors check in to the OMRON booth using a holographic See Through Panel (STP) switch. This
technology enables more sanitary interactions - for instance in public spaces or with entertainment
technology - because it requires no physical contact with a button or other hardware. Similarly, the
OMRON ticketless gateway at CES uses a simple finger scan to grant entry, eliminating the need for
paper, or even electronic, documents for admission.

"OMRON technology is at the core of practical, real-world applications," said Blakeway. "Many
innovative OMRON technologies are in use all around us today, and still others will be part of our
future daily lives."

Going for Zero: Eliminating Heart Attacks and Strokes Through Innovative Healthcare Technology
OMRON healthcare technologies address heart health, respiratory health and pain management. At
CES, the company is receiving recognition for transforming the global heart health technology
market with its latest innovations. Known for Going for Zero heart attacks and strokes, OMRON
Healthcare is introducing innovative new technologies and digital health services at CES.
At CES 2020, the OMRON Corporation booth features HeartGuide, the first wearable blood pressure
monitor. In the form of a wristwatch, the FDA-reviewed HeartGuide uses oscillometric measurement
to provide medical-grade accuracy via convenient wrist measurement. Visitors to the OMRON
Corporation booth receive a demonstration of HeartGuide and interact with its corresponding
mobile app, HeartAdvisor, which empowers people with hypertension to change their behavior and
live healthier lives.

"We are thrilled to share OMRON's vision of technology that improves lives with this expansive
exhibit of innovation," said Blakeway. "We invite potential partners, customers and employees to
join the evolution in the relationship between humans and machines and to become part of the
work we're doing to build a better tomorrow."

* In games, Meta-AI observes the characters, environment and players all together over time, and
then uses the information to adapt the general strategies for enemies, non-player characters,
terrain, weather and more in the game.

About OMRON Corporation
OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation based on its core technology of
"Sensing & Control + Think." OMRON's business fields cover a broad spectrum, ranging from
industrial automation and electronic components to social infrastructure systems, healthcare, and
environmental solutions. Established in 1933, OMRON has about 35,000 employees worldwide,
working to provide products and services in around 120 countries and regions. For more
information, visit OMRON's website:

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