hIOTron Presents an Exclusive guide on How to overcome IoT Performance Testing challenges

hIOTron releases research study on how to overcome IoT Performance Testing Challenges which will helps in assuring an application's performance.

VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, January 9, 2019: As per McKinsey Global Institute, IoT technologies (https://www.hiotron.com/) will affect the economy by $6.2 trillion by the year 2025. This clearly indicates that there will be a great demand for the way these smart devices can support various industrial sectors & in order to manage with this demand, there requires being huge change assumed in development & testing methodologies too.

Top 5 considerations in IoT Performance Test Strategy

The IoT application performance test strategy should concentrate on below-referred areas:

• User Interface Performance Tests
• Network Performance Tests
• Internal Processing Performance Tests
• Longevity tests
• High Data Volumes Tests

IoT Performance Testing: How to approach it?

A smart approach to dealing with such challenges is by prioritizing test cases. As testers are not required to test everything from the root origin, it is best to recognize key areas that are assumed to take the longest testing time. Once you understand which devices and operating systems need to test, you can focus most of your testing on these sequences and run smaller intelligence tests on limited common combinations.

IoT Performance Testing Tool Choice

The IoT Performance Testing tools that say to have support for IoT protocols require to contain at least the key protocols like REST API over HTTP, MQTT & CoAP.

Apply Good Design Practices

IoT Device testing is a complex process start from its designing procedure. The solution to device testing is to first design the application to abstract devices by class.

IoT App, Device Diversity Challenge

Testers must have a powerful test strategy, have a good recognition of the architecture and they must assure that the devices and software under test are always assigned with the exact version.
A careful and strategic approach to expanding and implementing an IoT testing plan is the most effective way of assuring an application's performance.

To know more about how to overcome IoT Performance Testing Challenges: https://www.hiotron.com/iot-performance-testing-challenges/

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