Datakit announces version 2020.1 of its CAD file converters

Writer libraries in FBX and glTF formats are now available, as well as conversion support for new versions of Solid Edge, ACIS, NX, SOLIDWORKS and PARASOLID files.

Datakit's latest 2D and 3D data exchange software update comes with many new features!

FBX and glTF writers now available for developers
FBXglTFThe previous version of the Datakit software had added the possibility of converting files to FBX and glTF with CrossManager. These formats have now also been added to CrossCad/Ware, the Datakit SDK. Software developers can now offer to export FBX or glTF files from their own software by integrating the Datakit API.

Support for new versions of CAD formats
Datakit version 2020.1 also enhances the existing interfaces by adding support for new versions of CAD formats. All Datakit software benefits from these improvements:

NX Reading
NXSiemens has released several new versions of NX over the past three months since Datakit's V2019.4 release. V2020.1 supports all these new versions up to NX 1892.

Solid Edge 2D Reading
Solid EdgeIn the previous version, Datakit had updated its Solid Edge 3D file reading in order to support version 2020. This improvement now also applies to native Solid Edge 2D files (.dft).

ACIS Reading
ACISVersion 2019 1.0 of ACIS format is now supported. Datakit tools can read and convert all versions of .sat, .asat, .sab files up until version 2019 1.0.

SOLIDWORKSShortly after the release of SOLIDWORKS 2020, Datakit had already developed support for this version. Therefore, all SOLIDWORKS files from 2009 to 2020 can be converted. Datakit's SOLIDWORKS plug-ins are also compatible with this latest version.

Parasolid Writing
ParasolidSo far, Datakit has written files in Parasolid format version 18. As per customer request, Datakit now offers the possibility to choose the version of Parasolid exported from V10 to V32.

Improvements for the whole software set
V2020.1 also benefits from the continuous improvement of dozens of CAD interfaces provided by Datakit. They are, in fact, in permanent maintenance to improve their quality and support new entities, while also optimizing execution time.

These improvements apply to all Datakit product lines: for end-users using the CrossManager converter or plug-ins, as well as for software publishers using Datakit technology.

Users who wish to test Datakit software can download a demo license from the official CrossManager and CrossCad/Plg websites.

Software publishers interested in CrossCad/Ware can visit the SDK introduction page and contact Datakit for information tailored to their area of activity.

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