Expanding robot network : Uchimura Robotics has joined the TM Robotics distributor network

Expanding robot network fulfills demand for industrial machines

To fulfill growing demand for high speed, high payload robots, Uchimura Robotics has joined the TM Robotics distributor network. TM Robotics is the authorized partner of Shibaura Machine, supplying the company's six-axis, Cartesian and SCARA robots. The new partnership allows Uchimura Robots to add traditional robot models to its product offering — complementing the company's range of collaborative robots

Uchimura Robots has traded in collaborative robots since the company's inception in 2019. In contrast to industrial robots, collaborative machines are designed to operate alongside human workers in a facility, without the need for physical barriers. While the market for collaborative robots is growing quickly, Uchimura Robotics partnership with TM Robotics has allowed the company to expand its offering.

Uchimura Robotics is a technically savvy distributor of collaborative and mobile robotics components. With over a decade of experience in the robotics industry, the addition of Shibaura Machine's industrial robots enhances the company's existing collaborative robot line up.

Due to the close operating proximity to human workers, collaborative robots do not generally deliver the same high power, payload and speed as their industrial counterparts. Because of these limitations, collaborative robots are not always an ideal option for all manufacturing applications. In many applications an industrial robot, such as a six-axis or SCARA model, is more appropriate.

Shibaura Machine, which rebranded from the Toshiba Machine name in April 2020, manufacturers a range of industrial robot types, including the largest range of SCARA models on the market. Outside of Japan, this range is exclusively supplied by members of the TM Robotics distributor network, of which Uchimura Robotics joined officially on April 1, 2020.

Uchimura Robotics' offering now includes the latest industrial models from Shibaura Machine, including the newly released THE600 SCARA model. The THE600 builds upon the established specifications of the THE400 and promises to boost the end user's productivity without extortionate investments.

Boasting twice the speed and 60 per cent higher payload capacity than competing SCARA models in the same price range, both THE models provide ideal investments for those new to automation and are a good example of the potential of industrial robots for Uchimura Robotics customer base.

"There's no denying the potential of collaborative robots," explained Nigel Smith, CEO and president at TM Robotics. "In fact, Shibaura Machine launched its own highly anticipated cobot at the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) in Japan last year, which we will be bringing to the market in the near future. Despite the potential, there are some applications where a cobot just won't suffice and a traditional machine is required.

"Shibaura Machine has been manufacturing industrial robots through the company's 70-year history. Engineered in Japan, the six-axis, SCARA and Cartesian robots developed by Shibaura Machine are of the upmost quality. The machines deliver high power automation to processes that require speed, agility and precision — an ideal complement to Uchimura's existing cobot offering."

"We have built our business and reputation on providing state-of-the-art robotic products and solutions," added Jeff Tatro, director of sales and marketing at Uchimura Robotics. "With our newly formed partnership with TM Robotics, we are eager to bring this advanced robotic technology to customers that require high levels of precision and fast cycle times from their automation."
From its Atlanta headquarters, Uchimura Robotics now distributes Shibaura Machine robots in the South East of the United States. For more information visit the Uchimura Robotics website at uchimurarobotics.com. TM Robotics full range of industrial robots can be also be found online at www.tmrobotics.com and the North American head office can be contacted directly on (847)-709-7308 or at info@tmrobotics.com.

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