The Aerial Robots Know What is Happening in the WAR on Corrosion. Do You? Learn More at the Apellix Blog

ApellixTM today announced it launched its blog as an informative source of information for the revolutionary magical technology of aerial robotics (drones) and how they assist in the war on corrosion. Drones are powerful "magical flying machines" straight out of science fiction. By adding robotic arms to drones Apellix has created a specialized tool needed for the ongoing war on corrosion. It is estimated direct and indirect costs of corrosion in the United States are 6% of its Gross Domestic Product. It's time to put Aerial Robotic Systems to use fighting this war.

We live in a time when the fantastic has become ordinary. We have "magical flying machines" straight out of science fiction, cars that drive themselves, and an architecturally complex built world that has sprung up around us. The powerful technology underlying these aerial robotics (drones) innovations is needed, and in use, for an ongoing war that's right before our eyes… unseen but very real. This enemy fells bridges, sinks ships, sparks fires, and nearly brought down the Statue of Liberty. This war is against corrosion.

Apellix designs and builds drones that paint (apply coating), clean (and provide surface prep), and take contact-based measurements. Apellix has a wealth of experience around the application of these specific types of aerial robotic systems in business and industry. The Apellix systems are frequently tethered with an umbilical cord that supplies both power and materials such as paint or chemical washing agents. The intimate knowledge of these types of systems and their use in industry possessed by Apellix can help your company operate safer, potentially better and faster, and at a lower cost.

As a United States aerial robotics systems designer and manufacturer that is currently using its systems for missions and flights, Apellix can help advise and recommend tasks related to improving the efficiency and safety of Unmanned Aircraft Systems operations within your organization.

This is 2020. Why are we putting people at risk of falling or being exposed to toxic chemicals or unsafe environments when we can send an aerial robotic system to do the job instead. The interaction of people and robots is complex, and it's becoming both more sophisticated and more enabling every day. In our case, the Apellix software-driven and controlled platforms are run by operators on the ground. The work above ground is done to greater precision than a human can do, replacing hours of work in dangerous circumstances.

It's time to put Aerial Robotic Systems to use fighting the War on Corrosion. Learn more at the Apellix Blog

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Apellix is an early-stage aerial robotic (drone) company based in Jacksonville, Florida, and has developed an aerial robotic platform with patented software and sensor arrays for controlled autonomous precision flight to complete a wide range of tasks currently too expensive or too dangerous to otherwise perform. Apellix systems paint/coat, clean, and take contact-based measurements. The systems are frequently tethered with an umbilical cord that supplies both power and materials such as paint or chemical washing agents. Video examples of Apellix drones at work can be found on the Apellix Website.

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