Datakit announces version 2021.1 of its CAD file converters

To start this year 2021 well, Datakit presents the new version of its software. It adds a new library for reading the FBX format, support for ACIS .asab files, support for the latest versions of CAD software on the market (JT, Open CASCADE, CATIA V6, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, NX and Rhino) and without forgetting new conversion possibilities in CrossManager.

New FBX format reading library

Logo FBXAfter writing the FBX format, Datakit is able to offer you to read the .FBX format. The library is able to read binary and ASCII files in FBX format from version 6.1 to 7.7.
In addition to geometry, it allows the extraction of texture, instance and assembly data.

New extension for ACIS format
Logo ACISIn its ACIS reader, Datakit offers reading of ASCII and binary parts (.sat, .sab) and ASCII assemblies (.asat). In this new version, Datakit adds the reading of binary assemblies (.asab).

Support of new versions of 2D & 3D formats
Datakit, always responsive following the evolution of software, adds support for reading and writing new versions of formats.Datakit tools can now read and convert the formats mentioned below.

CATIA V6 R2021x 3D & 2D format reading
Solid Edge 2021 3D & 2D reading
SOLIDWORKS 2021 3D & 2D reading
Datakit's plug-ins for SOLIDWORKS are also compatible with this latest version
NX 3D & 2D reading up to version 1946
Rhino 7 Reading
Datakit plug-ins for Rhino are also compatible with this latest version
JT 10.5 reading
Compatibility of plug-ins for Open CASCADE from Datakit with the latest version of this C ++ library recognized for the development of CAD applications: Open CASCADE 7.5.
Logo NXLogo CATIALogo CATIALogo RhinoLogo JTLogo Solid EdgeLogo SOLIDWORKS
More input and output formats for CrossManager
End users, through the CrossManager software, can convert their models using even more combinations:

- FBX input to STL, VRML, OBJ, 3MF, 3DXML, PDF 3D, PRC, JT, COLLADA, glTF, CGR outputs
- STL, OBJ, FBX input to STEP output
- PLM XML input to 3DXML, OBJ, PDF 3D, PRC, FBX, glTF outputs
The table of all possible combinations is available here.

Improvements for the entire software line
Version 2021.1 also benefits from the continuous improvement of dozens of CAD interfaces provided by Datakit. They are, in fact, constantly maintained in order to improve their quality and support new entities, while optimizing execution time.

This concerns CrossManager and plug-ins, used by end users and CrossCad/Ware for software vendors integrating Datakit technology.

Datakit offers the possibility of testing its software by registering on its website.

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