MORBiZ Releases New Blog on SEO Damage Caused by Incorrect Google My Business Listings

MORBiZ has released a new blog to help businesses avoid SEO issues caused by a variety of Google My Business - GMB - issues.

When it comes to search engine optimization for local businesses, few things, if any, are more important than a properly set up Google My Business (GMB) listing. MORBiZ has released a new blog that details common issues with GMB listings that can negatively affect a business' local SEO and SERP ranking. listed below is a quick look at the topics covered, but be sure to visit to read the full article.

Using the Wrong Business Name
When it comes to your GMB page, it is important the business name matches the name on your website and other Internet directory listings, such as Yelp, Yellowpages and Facebook.

Unclear Business Description
The business description section on a GMB listing only displays the first 250 characters in search. It is imperative to use this space to set your business apart from competitors.

No Reviews or Fake Reviews
Google reviews are critical to local SEO. If your business does not have any reviews on Google, you will want to create a program that influences your customers to write them. However, it is against Google's guidelines to pay for reviews or reward customers for reviews.

Duplicate Listings
If you add a GMB listing for a business that already exists, it will prevent your business from showing up in search results. Remove the duplicate listing as soon as possible.

Not Verifying the Business on GMB
Verifying your GMB page can instantly boost the amount of times your business shows up in search results, as Google will place more trust in a verified business than an unverified one.

To find out more about these common GMB issues, head to MORBiZ is a full service web presence team that can help you properly manage your GMB listing, ensuring maximum local SEO for your business. To learn more, give us a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ or use the contact form at

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