GROB Systems Introduces New GRC Robot Cell

Provides maximum flexibility and customization for manufacturing needs

GROB Systems, a global leader in the development of manufacturing systems and machine tools, announces the availability of the new GROB robot cell (GRC), which combined with the company's G-modules, provides maximum flexibility and customization for manufacturing of aerospace, mold & die, medical, and many other industry applications. The GRC offers a complete solution from a single source, with a uniform design and coordinated interfaces. This solution is capable of part handling as well as pallet handling which allows for maximum flexibility.

The compact design of the GRC has a shared base frame enabling quick and easy installation; the standardized software allows the cell to be commissioned quickly. The innovative feeding system with part drawers enables longer unmanned production. In addition, an automatic clamping fixture and part gripper change is available for different clamping fixtures and part types.

The connection to GROB's production control software GROB4Automation allows for flexible planning and management of work orders resulting in improved production sequences. The GROB robot cell can also be configured with a variety of modules, depending on customer requirements such as deburring, washing and measuring all in the same cell. The GRC can also be expanded to feed multiple machining centers.

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About GROB Systems

For over 90 years, GROB has been known worldwide for the development and manufacturing of machines and production lines for automotive OEMs. GROB has since expanded its portfolio to include universal 5-axis machining centers. The unique retractable spindle provides unmatched accessibility to the work piece, and even upside-down machining, in a collision-free environment during tool change. They are easy to install and maintain, and provide outstanding performance and precision from lot size 1.

GROB is a family-owned company located near Munich, Germany and has full manufacturing capabilities in Germany, Brazil, China, Italy and the United States. More than 500 employees at the 400,000 square foot facility in western Ohio support GROB customers across North America.

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