New DL-100S Series Remote Temperature & Humidity Data Logger with LCD Screen & IP66 Housing

This new product, the DL-100S, series comes with a combination of temperature, humidity, and dew point sensors with a live LCD display all in a tough IP66 enclosure. The DL-100S series is a perfect solution for greenhouse and agricultural applications, building automation, and anywhere accurate environmental data, both real-time & historical, is crucial to the operation. The DL-100S series offers Ethernet data communication over MQTT or Modbus TCP and a ruggedized RJ-45 port ensures a solid connection in adverse conditions. Operators onsite can get quick readings from the module display and access up to 600k stored sensor readings from a PC or HMI. ICP DAS' iAIR android and iPhone app makes it easy for anyone on the LAN to get live and historical readings from a cellphone

LOMITA, CA— ICP DAS USA announces a new addition to their growing family of environmental sensors and data loggers, the DL-100S Series.

DL-100S models come with a combination of temperature, humidity, and dew point sensors. The LCD screen gives an instantaneous reading at one glance and onboard storage keeps a record of up to 600,000 sensor readings with accompanying date and time stamps.
An Ethernet connection offers the popular industrial protocol Modbus TCP and the popular IoT protocol MQTT, allowing the user to adapt the communication method to the application. Modbus TCP for the factory, MQTT for garden and greenhouse, or any IoT applications.

The DL-100S Series comes in a choice of black or white IP66 casing. The secure housing makes these modules an excellent choice for wet and humid outdoor applications. A rugged RJ-45 connection ensures reliable operation in adverse conditions.

Each DL-100S comes with a software utility that can be used to configure the modules, monitor real-time data, or group modules so users can view and manage entire zones of the application. This utility also allows users to export data logs as a .csv file for analysis and archival.

ICP DAS's iAIR application for iOS & Android phones makes monitoring your onsite DL-100S modules easier than ever before. Search and find any DL modules on your LAN and get live sensor readings right on your phone.

"We are happy to announce this expansion to our growing line of IoT and IIoT sensor modules," says John Gong, President of ICP DAS USA. "These modules are easy to use for the consumer and tough and reliable enough for our industrial clients."

ICP DAS USA is a manufacturer of cutting edge industrial automation and control hardware and software. It offers a broad range of flexible and cost-effective total solutions for various industries, including energy and power, factory and machine, agriculture, aerospace, oil and gas, etc. Its products range from M2M and "Internet of Things" (IoT) controllers and protocol converters to remote data acquisition I/O modules, supporting a wide range of protocols. Want to learn more? Visit our website or call us at 1-310- 517-9888. You can also reach our email at We are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

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