Reeco and OMRON launch “transformational” cobot palletiser

Reeco and OMRON have unveiled the RB1200 palletiser, which is set to transform palletising processes through improved productivity, flexibility and cost savings.

The UK's leading integrator of collaborative robots and a global industrial automation specialist have launched a unique palletiser.

Reeco and OMRON have unveiled the RB1200 palletiser, which is set to transform palletising processes through improved productivity, flexibility and cost savings.
Sectors were the demand for the cobot palletiser technology is likely to be greatest include automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging and logistics.
The product launch comes a couple of months after OMRON selected Reeco as its first OMRON Solutions Partner to harness its cobot integration capability. The partnership between a system integrator and technology vendor gives the best possible project experience for the end user.
The integration of cobot - collaborative robot - technology into palletisers offers a range of additional benefits including enhanced safety, versatility and the opportunity to quickly respond to changes in demand.
It also allows employees to be redeployed on to more skilled tasks within an organisation, reducing the risk of work-related injuries including Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). It can also play a critical role in helping to avoid workers having to work in close proximity in a Covid world.
Working together, Reeco and OMRON have developed an intuitive plug-and-play palletising system.
The RB1200 has been designed for operations where palletising is a key part of their business and where humans and machines work in close proximity.
The palletiser has a small factory footprint, making it ideal for operations where space is limited. It is easy to set up and deploy and is suitable for most pallet sizes.
Reeco's EasyStack software means that multiple layers and pallet designs can be set up without any prior programming knowledge.
Each palletising system comes with integrated safety to ensure quick deployment and compliance with ISO/TS 15066:2016. Safety fencing is used alongside each pallet runway with restricted access points and monitoring with safety scanners.
Llewelyn Rees, Founder and Managing Director of Reeco, said: "We are extremely excited to launch the RB1200 palletiser with our partner OMRON.
"We believe the use of cobot capability is a leap forward in palletising technology and will benefit businesses across multiple sectors where palletising is a key part of their operations.
"Cobots have a transformational impact on a company's productivity, improving efficiencies, delivering cost savings and helping to create a modern, dynamic working environment."
Llewelyn added: "The partnership with OMRON provides the end user with a seamless experience combining Reeco's cobot integration know-how with OMRON's proven track record as a leading global technology vendor."
Dan Rossek, Marketing Manager for OMRON UK, said: "The concept of collaborative robots working alongside humans has already been proven in automotive, warehousing and fulfilment environments. We believe the time is right and the technology is ready for this next generation automation approach to be adopted for palletising tasks across a range of industries."
Customers are able to request a range of optional extras to the core RB1200 palletiser product should they be needed.
Reeco was founded in 2016 and is based in Newtown, Mid-Wales. The company employs 22 people and its customers include many major multinationals across sectors including automotive, logistics and packaging.

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