hIOTron's machine monitoring system Utilizes IoT to reduce machine downtime

Smart machines are now the basis of Industry 4.0. Right now Investigating the status of any of the machines required labor-intensive manual intervention.

Kharadi Pune, Maharashtra, May 5, 2021: Smart machines are now the basis of Industry 4.0. Right now Investigating the status of any of the machines required labor-intensive manual intervention. The risk and cost of unplanned downtime are also high, as there is no way to predict the need for maintenance or repairs, other then the use of historical patterns.

Hence You need to know the current status of all machines on a line as well as some functional data about each machine to harness the data effectively. And this is where hIOTron helps you to monitor all of your machine data remotely anywhere from the world.

Whether legacy or new, industrial equipment needs formal maintenance to improve its lifespan. Aging equipment is one of the top roots of unplanned downtime, hence manufacturers are facing high maintenance costs and should take an advantage of a new strategy.

While few companies are still manually reporting data, others are acquiring new autonomous technology to enhance production throughput. Though, with many companies failing to reach the required ROI with these technologies, it is time to examine the numbers and interpret what affects the manufacturing throughput.

Predictive maintenance is a dynamic strategy that includes estimating your equipment's condition with the help of continuous monitoring. The prime aim is to use real-time data to recognize component failures early, minimize unplanned downtimes and avoid expensive repairs.

Having machine data visibility in real-time is the solution to knowing certainly what is happening at any time on the shop floor. And this is exactly how the hIOTron's system can help.

Not only its prompt visibility assist operators and managers to recognize and prevent machine downtimes, but they can also get various production reports and trends such as downtime reasons, OEE of machines with availability, performance as well as quality.

The out-of-the-box dashboard drives instant actionability and visibility on the shop floor. Additionally, real-time machine health monitoring helps managers to keep machines running without failure or downtime.


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