JASCI Acquires NextShift Robotics to Power Ecommerce Logistics

Next generation technology to optimize the warehouse

JASCI Software, a recognized global leader in SaaS warehouse management software, announces the acquisition of NextShift Robotics, a leading autonomous warehouse robotics company based in Lowell MA. NextShift will operate as JASCI Robotics, focused on innovating warehousing and logistics.

Scarcity of available warehouse labor along with the massive growth of ecommerce is fueling robotics in logistics. ABI research is estimating 4 million robots being deployed in over 50,000 warehouses by 2025 to meet market demands. Gartner is forecasting over 50% of warehouses will have invested in robotics by 2025 to augment labor. With an average of $20,000 - $30,000 per robot, this market has the potential to exceed $80B over the next 5 years.

"JASCI is uniquely positioned to help customers reach their goals by offering a complete solution -- software and robotics hardware in a single platform - without complex integrations and coding projects. We bring an entirely new way of delivering flexibility, speed, efficiency and accuracy to match the service levels required in today's commerce," said Daniel Napoli, CTO/Co- Founder of JASCI Software.

Visit JASCI Software: https://www.jascicloud.com

Mary Ellen Sparrow, CEO/Co-founder of Nextshift Robotics is a well know robotics expert in Massachusetts, where the robotic evolution is happening. Mary Ellen will be joining the new company as a co-founder and is the co-author of many robotic patents. The NextShift patent portfolio contains 8 robotic patents, with three unique patents and one patent family containing five additional patents.

NextShift innovated the market with a robotic operating system that senses and learns the warehouse environment in real-time. By incorporating LIDAR and cameras, the autonomous robot has pinpoint accuracy in its movements along with a mapping/traffic management system. Hundreds of robots can navigate the warehouse simultaneously with efficiency and safety alongside humans and material handling equipment. JASCI provides the ability to task and orchestrate all of this in real-time leveraging our patented SmartTask workflow technology.

Visit NextShift Robotics: https://nextshiftrobotics.com/

"We are innovating the logistics industry by addressing labor shortages, staff turnover, fulfillment speed, inventory accuracy and even pandemic viruses. The ability to smartly orchestrate people, robotics and material handling automation in real-time from a single platform, eliminates silos of complicated technology that were previously needed," said Craig Wilensky, CEO & Co-Founder of JASCI Software.

JASCI's SaaS cloud native architecture leverages ORACLE's autonomous cloud to provide limitless ability for growth and scaling businesses globally. It provides elasticity, security and reliability, so customers can work 24x7 in all continents. Autonomous robotics on the industry's autonomous cloud!

"Robotics as a service (RaaS) is on our radar, as it can provide attractive ROI's and quick payback for companies looking to invest in this technology, without having to commit to a big capital investment," added Mark Rechan, CFO JASCI Software.


JASCI is an innovation leader in SaaS Warehouse Management and Warehouse Robotics software. Our SaaS platform is powered by SmartTaskĀ©, a patented intelligent workflow technology that makes it easier to adapt changes, optimize and implement. SmartTaskĀ©, smartly optimizes process and prioritizes tasks to orchestrate people, inventory, orders, robotics & material handling in real-time. Our multi-tenant, multi-location and multi-lingual platform in 80 languages can be deployed globally.


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