New 'Tech Edge' Video Series from OnLogic Dives Deep into Industrial Computing

Premiering recently on the OnLogic YouTube channel, the series focuses on news and how-tos related to edge computing and industrial IoT.

To help answer common technology questions, and to shed light on issues specific to the industrial computer hardware industry, global computer manufacturer and IoT solution provider, OnLogic (, has launched a new video series called Tech Edge. The series will include tech tips, industry news, how-tos and deep dives into everything from common connectivity standards and system mounting, to the latest technologies from Intel®, AMD and OnLogic's software partners like Inductive Automation, IGEL and EdgeIQ.

"Our goal with this series is to bring the conversations and problem solving that's happening every day behind the scenes here, to a wider audience who could benefit from the solutions we're providing our customers," said OnLogic Engineering Manager, Hans Brakeley. "The tech education landscape is full of information about consumer technology, which is fantastic, but for industrial computer users it can be hard to wade through it all and find the information they actually need. With Tech Edge, we're looking to bridge that gap and offer a resource for engineers, project managers and anyone who's building IoT, Industry 4.0 or edge computing solutions."

The first episode of the series explores the technology and engineering that allows some industrial computing solutions to be built without the use of fans, which are usually required to keep internal components cool. Tech Edge videos utilize a combination of an on-camera presenter, detailed hardware visuals, graphics and diagrams to illustrate what are often complex concepts as clearly and simply as possible.

Other currently available videos in the series include an exploration of the latest Intel Atom®, Celeron® and Pentium® processors (formerly known as Elkhart Lake), a 60 second breakdown of the PCIe connectivity standard, and an overview of the current state of USB connectivity. Upcoming videos will cover DIN Rail mounting, smart SCADA in a factory setting and how Intel's NUC systems are used in industrial applications.

Tech Edge is now available on the OnLogic YouTube channel at, where viewers can subscribe and comment with suggestions for future episode topics.

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