READY Robotics Releases Forge/OS 5, the World’s First Open Platform for Controlling Robots from Top Robot Brands

Forge/OS 5 allows manufacturers to deploy virtually any robot with their existing team, enables OEMs and machine builders to create solutions that work seamlessly with 250+ robots and countless peripherals, and empowers developers to build automation apps that instantly scale across the top robot brands

Columbus, OH -- Today READY Robotics announces the launch of Forge/OS 5, the first open, cross-brand operating system for industrial automation. With support for FANUC, Yaskawa, ABB, Staubli, Epson and UR robots, Forge/OS 5 offers a single programming interface for hundreds of models of collaborative and industrial robots, as well as the peripherals required for automation. For the first time ever, Forge/OS 5's open platform enables machine builders and software developers to create solutions and applications that instantly scale across robot brands.

Shaped by years of feedback from manufacturers ranging from Fortune 500 to small machine shops, Forge/OS 5 empowers companies to manage their own automation without needing deep expertise in robot programming. It also vastly reduces the complexity for those with multiple brands of robots and peripherals on their production floor, by abstracting away brand-specific robot programming languages, and making grippers and other peripheral hardware straightforward to integrate. Any robot powered by Forge/OS 5 can be easily programmed by operators by using Task Canvas, READY's no-code programming app.

"For robotics to reach the scale we need as a society, we must make it easier for end users and we must make it easier for developers," says Benjamin Gibbs, CEO and co-founder of READY Robotics. "As we've seen before with Windows and Android, software platforms can enable massive growth within an industry."

Forge/OS 5 has been built from the ground up as a developer-friendly, open platform that facilitates third-party development. Software developers can build apps focused on a variety of use cases that scale across top robotic brands, benefitting from accessible core services of a modern, cross-brand robotic software platform. Hardware OEMs can easily integrate their hardware with any robot powered by Forge/OS 5. And custom machine builders can create solutions for customers without needing expertise in brand-specific robot programming languages.

With a rapidly growing ecosystem of over 50 partners, composed of leading companies in industrial automation, Forge/OS 5 significantly simplifies the integration of hardware into automated workcells. "By unlocking access to robot programming and enabling out-of-the-box control of robotics and hardware, Forge/OS 5 enables hardware OEMs like SCHUNK to accelerate product development and adoption, and enhance robotic applications far beyond what was possible yesterday," says Milton Guerry, President of SCHUNK USA.

"Until now, there hasn't been a good channel for developers to build the apps that have the power to ignite the explosive spread of automation," states Juan Aparicio, Vice President of Product at READY. "We are incredibly excited to enable the brightest builders in the world, regardless of background, to dream up and create products that will impact automation the way they have impacted other industries. Creating a true developer ecosystem for automation has the potential to usher in a new golden age of automation."

About READY Robotics
Founded in 2016, READY Robotics created Forge/OS, the first enterprise-grade operating system that controls cobot and robot arms from many top brands, as well as the peripherals needed to make those robots productive in a real world environment. Through enterprise-grade software (Forge/OS), the first marketplace for automation (READY Market), and an online automation learning platform (READY Academy), READY makes it dramatically easier to deploy robotic automation. READY is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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