Product innovations from IDS on display at VISION 2021

From the smallest housed camera with C-mount over 10GigE to AI

From precise monitoring to picking and automation, there are countless applications that benefit from reliable image information. However, what can be done when there is only a tight budget for the realisation of such an application? With the introduction of uEye XCP, uEye XLE and Ensenso S, camera specialist IDS proves that industrial-grade image processing technology does not have to be expensive. For users who need a camera for particularly fast data transfer and also require high-resolution sensors, there will be the uEye Warp10 in future. The company also has big plans for IDS NXT. The next software update will follow in October, making the embedded vision system even more user-friendly and the AI behind it easier to understand. All innovations will be presented at VISION on the IDS booth 8C60 with the help of demo systems.

IDS invites all those who cannot visit the trade fair to take a virtual tour of the booth. On the IDS Vision Channel (, users can discover the new products at the same time as regular VISION visitors.

uEye XCP: Smallest industrial camera with housing and C-mount
The new uEye XCP camera family from IDS shows that cost-effective industrial cameras with C-mount can also be offered in the industry's smallest standard format. Initially, the USB3 camera will be launched with the 2.3 MP AR0234 global shutter sensor and the 5 MP AR0521 rolling shutter sensor from ON Semiconductor. Their cost-optimised design makes them ideal for high-volume and price-sensitive projects. The cameras feature a fully enclosed die-cast zinc housing measuring just 29 x 29 x 17 mm. Their C-mount adapter allows the use of common lens sizes and ensures a favourable system price.

uEye XLE: Versatile and consistently cost-optimised
For anyone looking for cameras specifically designed for high-volume and price-sensitive projects, the uEye XLE camera family is also worth considering. Thanks to different housing and lens holder variants, extremely compact dimensions and USB3 interface, the cameras can be easily integrated into any image processing system. Customers can choose between models with plastic housing and C/CS mount or S-mount and board-level version with or without C/CS mount or S-mount lens holder. Available with the 2.3 MP sensor ON Semiconductor AR0234 and the light-sensitive 5 MP sensor ON Semiconductor AR0521, other sensors will follow.

uEye Warp10: 10GigE high-speed for image data
For users with particularly high demands on resolution, image quality and transmission speed, IDS will launch industrial cameras with a 10GigE high-speed interface and various sensors under the name uEye Warp10. They are capable of precisely capturing even high-speed processes and forwarding the image information in the network without delay. They excel in sports analysis as well as in high-precision surveying and inspection tasks. The company plans to implement large-format sensors up to 45 MP.

Ensenso S: Compact and budget-friendly 3D camera
Ensenso S has been specially designed for 3D applications that require budget-friendly, easy-to-integrate and industrial-grade camera technology. Especially price-sensitive projects in logistics, automation or agriculture can now benefit from industrial-grade 3D imaging. The models are equipped with an ultra-compact zinc die-cast housing (IP 65/67), a 1.6 MP Sony sensor and an infrared LED laser and provide robust 3D information even in low ambient light.

IDS NXT ocean: Embedded vision system with AI becomes even more user-friendly
Artificial intelligence running directly on cameras and enormous flexibility through vision apps - this makes tasks possible where conventional image processing reaches its limits. IDS provides users with all the necessary and perfectly coordinated tools and workflows to realise their own AI vision applications without prior knowledge. The next free software update will be released in October. It will focus on user-friendliness - e.g., new features will be integrated into the IDS NXT cockpit - as well as on making artificial intelligence comprehensible. New helpful tools, such as attention maps, illustrate how the camera AI works and makes decisions.

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About IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH:
The industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH develops high-performance, easy-to-use USB, GigE and 3D cameras with a wide spectrum of sensors and variants. The almost unlimited range of applications covers multiple non-industrial and industrial sectors in the field of equipment, plant and mechanical engineering. In addition to the successful CMOS cameras, the company expands its portfolio with vision app-based, intelligent cameras. The novel image processing platform IDS NXT is freely programmable and extremely versatile.

Since its foundation in 1997 as a two-man company, IDS has developed into an independent, ISO-certified family business with more than 300 employees. The headquarters in Obersulm, Germany, is both a development and production site. With branches in the USA, Japan, South Korea and UK as well as other offices, IDS is represented internationally.

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