Elephant Robotics publishing myPalletizer, fully wrapped personal 4-axis robot arm

myPalletizer is another masterpiece of the Elephant Robot's lightweight product line after myCobot. Small size and lightweight but powerful function.

myPalletizer 4-axis robot arm is jointly developed by Elephant Robotics and M5stack. It is another masterpiece of the elephant robot's lightweight product line after mycobot. The weight of the myPalletizer is only 960g. Small size and lightweight but powerful function. It can be matched with a variety of end effectors to adapt to a variety of application scenarios, and it can also support the secondary development of multi-platform software to meet various scenarios needs such as scientific research and education, smart home, personal development, and applications. Realizing user's personalized customization is a productivity tool as well as a tool for expanding the boundaries of imagination.

Innovative fully-wrapped & finless design
The fully-wrapped 4-axis design of the myPalletizer robot arm, which greatly improves the appearance of the product, also greatly reduces the risk of foreign bodies intruding and pinching the human body during the operation of the robot arm, and both quality and safety are improved. At the same time, myPalletizer innovatively removes the common double fin design of the traditional palletizing robot, which greatly reduces the size and weight of the product, and is lighter and more portable. It also makes the overall design of the fuselage smoother and more beautiful.

High-performance servo, the open-sourced controller provides abundant interfaces
The entire robot arm is equipped with four high-performance servo steering gears, each joint rotates smoothly, the torque is stable, and the response is fast, and the inertia is small so that myPalletizer can complete each time more accurately and steadily. Different from all collaborative robots, the bottom, and end of the myPalletizer are equipped with the M5 development board. It has two color displays and rich expansion interfaces. It supports the fastLED library, which makes the possibility of human-computer interaction and secondary development applications again. Be infinitely expanded.

Lego design, 'my' series hardware ecology
The base and end of the small elephant palletizing manipulator use the global shared patented Lego hole design, which implements the concept of 'my' series hardware ecological platform. It is perfectly compatible with the full range of hardware including adaptive grippers and suction pumps in the 'my' series. It also supports software application platforms such as myStudio and myBlockly. The M5 main and sub-control boards at the bottom and the end support M5 Stack's rich hardware expansion. Thousands of application cases such as face recognition, voice control, and temperature sensing can be used directly, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of secondary development and enriches development possibilities.

Rich open-source software ecosystem
myPalletizer is compatible with a large number of API available. From entry-level drag-and-demonstration graphical programming to industrial robotic operation platforms, you can play, learn and use in one machine. The release will be added to the myStudio platform from today and can run more including ROS/Moveit, Python, C++ to the professional robot control system Roboflow.

As another masterpiece of the elephant robotics 'my' series, myPalletizer is designed to run through the product line of lightweight manipulators, so that "inclusive technology" is becoming a reality from a concept. The full-wrapped security design and open-source software and hardware ecology greatly reduce the risks and thresholds for users to use; rich API interfaces and applications make the secondary development and application of the robotic arm possible for everyone; The Lego design and high compatibility at the end are the embodiment of the open-source concept, helping more people to implement their ideas with minimal cost. Let robot technology enter everyone, is the constant pursuit of Elephant Robotics to make robots from a few people's production tools to most people's life partners.

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