HIOTron Release a guide on how Machine Health Uncovers Opportunities to Increase Manufacturing Productivity

In the manufacturing industry, machine health is at the topmost priority: Without proper working equipment, the whole supply chain screeches to a breakdown.

Pune, Maharashtra, India, November 23, 2021 -- In the manufacturing industry, machine health is at the topmost priority: Without proper working equipment, the whole supply chain screeches to a breakdown.

As per The business research company report, the global industrial machinery market is assumed to grow from $534.89 billion in 2020 to $572.62 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 7.1%.

For manufacturing leaders, the aim of digital machine health implementation should be to discover opportunities system-wide and standard facilities to make every production line operate like the best one.

Machine health data will give actionable insight into the real reliability of the machines in the facilities, which can assist to make better-informed decisions. In addition to that, instead of depending on lagging performance metrics, machine health utilizes mechanical data likewise vibration, heat, as well as ultrasound readings to estimate future performance concerns.

The efficiency of machines in any industry relies on healthy monitoring, which minimizes downtime, which means that the continuous productivity of the machinery.

Machine health insights allow maintenance and operations teams to map activity based on a common set of machine metrics as well as real-time data insights.
Predictive Maintenance works well for devices or equipment which execute critical functions or which have failure modes that can be more cost-effective predicted with help of regular monitoring.

With machine health, users can jump into the mechanical data online and balance the other facilities that generate these products to see whether their machines are experiencing similar issues. Machine health diagnostics can assist users to find out the root of the concern and recommend ways to resolve those. Then, users can easily optimize those machines at a company-wide level.

Rather than recognizing the concern months or even years later when the machines have drained down so much that they've started to lower product quality, users can resolve the problem at scale before it increases, assuring high-quality output at each factory in the region.

The industrial world is undergoing a quick shift toward digitization that's been remarkably accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. Machine health offers a proven, crucial use case and serves as an important part of this shift.

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