KAMAN Named 2021 Best Of Sensors Award Winner

Kaman AMS-3000 Family of Non-Contact Displacement Sensors Recognized for Excellence in Sensors Innovation

San Jose, CA - Kaman has been named a winner in the 2021 "Best of Sensors" Awards. The company's AMS Family of Non-Contact Displacement Sensors was recognized in the Data Acquisition & Analytics category, which highlights cutting-edge advancements and achievements that are moving the sensors industry forward. These prestigious awards for each category winner were announced during Sensors Converge, which took place September 21-23 in San Jose, CA.

The AMS non-contact displacement sensors are capable of operation in environments up to and greater than 5000 PSI, with some designs capable of exceeding 30,000 PSI. The high-precision sensors deliver a 2:1 size-to-range factor. Compatible with any ferromagnetic target, the AMS sensors are capable of delivering resolution of 1 ┬Ám or less.

Questex's Sensors Converge is the one in-person and virtual event covering the biggest design engineering trends. From sensors and chips to the cloud, Sensors Converge covers the technologies and applications driving innovation today. The winners of the 2021 Best of Sensors Awards represent the advances in innovations and real-world applications of sensors, as well as the teams and individuals who demonstrate commitment to engineering excellence and overall ingenuity.

"For over three decades, Sensors Converge has been bringing together the most exciting technological advancements and cutting-edge applications from across the industry. The winners of this year's Best of Sensors Awards underscore just how far-reaching the impacts of these innovations have become, especially over the past 18 months. Kaman personifies the commitment to engineering excellence and overall ingenuity we look for and we are thrilled to recognize their efforts in an extremely competitive field," noted Charlene Soucy, Senior Director, Sensors Converge.

"It is an honor to receive this recognition from Sensors Converge for the unique contribution Kaman has made to the industry. We are delighted that the AMS family of products has proven successful in extremely high-pressure environment applications and we look forward to being part of a future marked by more innovations," says Mario Mazzotta, Director of Business Development for Kaman Precision Products.

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