Kindred To Preview New AI-Powered Robotic Innovation for E-Commerce, Integrators, 3PLs at MODEX 2022

Kindred 2021 Results Show SORT Robots Picked 95% More Items Year-Over-Year

ATLANTA, March 10, 2022 - MODEX 2022 - Coming off of a record-breaking 2021 peak season, Kindred will preview its next AI-enabled robotic innovation at MODEX in Atlanta, March 28-31. The company will also demonstrate the Kindred SORT AI-powered automated picking and sorting system - the technology progressive e-tailers used to pick 95% more items in 2021 than the year before.

"This year at MODEX, visitors to our booth will get a sneak preview of innovation on our product roadmap. This new technology will bring the acumen of AI and the speed and precision of robotics to new tasks and item sets for e-commerce and fulfillment operators, integrators, and third-party logistics companies," said Marin Tchakarov, CEO of Kindred, powered by Ocado.

MODEX attendees can participate in the following Lightning Talks at Kindred Booth #B9235. Register now for a spot at
• "5 Steps to Implement Picking and Sorting Robots"
• "Making Decisions with AI-powered Business Intelligence"
• "AI + Robotics: How Continuous Robot Learning Improves KPIs"

Kindred SORT Robotics Break Picking Records While Improving Speed, Matching, and Scanning Rates

Kindred SORT systems use cutting-edge AI research and human-in-the-loop data methodology to improve robot capabilities continuously so picking becomes smarter, faster, and more accurate over time. In 2021, the Kindred CORE with AutoGrasp™ platform improved its' performance across the board.
• 17.2% faster sorting speed
• 98.6% order matching rate
• Increased barcode scan rate to 95.4%

"SORT robots keep learning, so e-commerce keeps improving. The CORE artificial intelligence platform is continuously improving and providing a return-on-investment to customers," added Tchakarov. "Kindred customers consistently report 97% customer satisfaction for Kindred's training, support, and product performance. Proof that our data-driven, collaborative go-to-market model is helping our customers achieve their business objectives."

In 2021, Kindred's existing and new customers, powerhouse brands like Gap Inc., J. Crew, and Under Armour, relied increasingly on SORT robotics to meet their throughput goals. Kindred SORT robots:
• picked a record-breaking 208 million items in 2021
• handled 95% more volume from the year before
• have sorted nearly 400 million pieces since the company's launch of commercial operations in late 2017

About Kindred
Founded in 2014, Kindred, Powered by Ocado Group, is a robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company contributing to the workforce of the future through human-robot collaboration. Kindred's cutting-edge CORE reinforcement learning platform is the foundation of its proprietary technologies, including AutoGrasp™ and AI-enabled SORT robots. Kindred robots continuously improve becoming, faster and more accurate over time so clients can automate e-commerce fulfillment and supply chain operations while increasing throughput. The company is co-located in San Francisco and Toronto and is part of the UK-based Ocado Group plc. For more information, visit

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