MHS exhibits fully automated order fulfillment solution in collaboration with HAI ROBOTICS and Mujin

Goods-to-robot system exhibited at MODEX 2022 reduces labor requirements, improves efficiency in e-commerce fulfillment workflows

(Mt. Washington, Ky.) March 28, 2022 — At MODEX 2022 in Atlanta this week, MHS (, a single-source provider of material handling automation and software solutions, unveils a robotic order fulfillment solution developed in tandem with Mujin and HAI ROBOTICS. At MODEX booth #B7255, the demonstration models automation strategies that can be applied to many common storage, picking and order kitting workflows in e-commerce fulfillment and other distribution settings.

The goods-to-robot solution on display offers rapid deployment, low total cost of operation, operational efficiency gains of up to 400% and increased product storage density by picking product out of double-deep storage.

The project leverages the combined strengths of MHS as an integrator and the specialized robotic technology of HAI ROBOTICS and Mujin. In addition to design, installation and validation by MHS, the solution is powered by MHS Helix, a warehouse execution system (WES) that integrates the various automated components and robotics technology together to work as a smart, efficient system.

A zero-pressure accumulation conveyor from MHS feeds totes to and from the order fill station. HAI autonomous case-handling robots (ACRs) transport totes between storage and a Mujin piece-picking robot. The Mujin robot picks each item for the order from a source tote, packs it and signals to Helix that the conveyor can move the completed order to the outbound location. The robotic arm uses product dimensions, weight and grasping data to autonomously pick items cleanly and consistently - no colliding with the tote or inability to pick all items in the tote.

"While goods-to-person workflows can help warehouses make more efficient use of workers, goods-to-robot solutions go a step further to alleviate the intense labor challenges facing warehouses," says Rob Schmit, senior vice president, distribution and fulfillment, MHS. "By bringing together these different automation technologies to work together as a cohesive system, we can help customers not only address labor challenges in workflows like order picking, but improve overall efficiency and consistency, too."

Visit MHS at booth #B7255 of the Georgia World Congress Center from March 28-31 for a live demonstration of the solution and to learn more about the company's global reach, broad lineup of automation and software technologies, and robust lifecycle performance services.

About MHS
MHS Global is a full-service provider of innovative material handling systems that solve the challenges of distribution and fulfillment operations. We take a comprehensive, customer-centric approach that includes custom engineering, design, manufacturing and turnkey integration services. Our quality solutions leverage a broad range of controls and automated equipment, including but not limited to sorters, conveyors, extendable loading and unloading systems. We provide complete, responsive support to maintain systems for peak performance, with predictive analytics and local technicians to maximize long-term value and return on investment.

MHS has a global installed base of over $6.5 billion for small to large distribution and fulfillment projects in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, parcel, third party logistics and outside integrators.

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