Agriculture Robots: A Boon for Modern Day Farmers

The world will need a lot more food in the forthcoming years and farmers are going to witness great pressure to cope up with the growing demand for food supply. There are many ground-breaking ways the agricultural sector is harnessing the benefits of robotic automation to increase crop production. As per a report by Research Dive, the global agriculture robot market is expected to exceed a revenue of $16,640.4 million by 2026, due to the growing implementation of robotics in farming activities.

Farmers have always been assiduous data accumulators as they have been paying attention to approximately what each farmland harvests or what quantity of milk an individual cow produces. These days, the agriculture sector is taking a more sophisticated turn. By making use of complex, advanced data collecting technologies of today's modern world, the agriculture sector is entering a massive high-tech revolution—mainly in the arena of precision farming. From picking fruits to pulling weeds, agriculture robots are making precision farming a success.

The World Health Organization (WHO) anticipated that the global population is projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. What is likely to emerge along with the mounting population is a dramatic surge in the demand for surplus agricultural production to cater the future demand for food. The world will require a lot more food, and farmers will witness enormous pressure to cope up with the increasing food demand. The rising demand for food has propelled farmers to embrace robotics as a weapon to increase food quality as well as quantity in less time duration.

In the present day, farmers face a lot of challenges such as an aged labor force, a lack of availability of low-waged labors, environmental threats and climate alterations, and many more. By putting robotics into practice, farmers are becoming more capable and productive in crop production. The mounting population and rising enhancements in artificial intelligence (AI) in robotics have exhilarated agriculture robot producers to discover remarkable and innovative robots for a wide array of farming applications. From nursery planting to picking ripped fruits, agriculture robots claim to show their marvels in several agricultural activities.

Here's how agricultural robots are helping farmers by performing several farm chores:

• Harvesting - This is one of the most common tasks carried out by agriculture robots. These robots perform the task with augmented speed and precision to enhance crop yield size and decrease wastage.
• Spraying - Agriculture robots help in identifying crops and weeds that need fertilizers and pesticides. This helps in decreasing the wastage of resources.
• Livestock Monitoring - Agriculture robots aid in tracking cattle animals and navigating them through rocky terrains.
• Weed Control - Agriculture robots can differentiate weeds from good quality crops and separate them by making artificial soil disturbances using laser technologies.
• Mowing - Some agriculture robots are equipped with smart sensors that help in determining plant density and accurately cutting farmlands.
• Irrigation - Artificial intelligence equipped agriculture robots assist in analyzing water capacities and help farmers to use water in an organized manner only on crops that need water.
• Seeding - Agriculture robots are well efficient in correctly predicting the soil tendency and assist in planting seeds at the correct places.
• Sorting & Packaging - Agriculture robots can help in identifying, sorting, and packaging of agricultural products.

Future of Agriculture Industry with the Integration of Robotics

With growing technological advancements, the agricultural robot industry is about to reach newer heights. As per a report by Research Dive, the global agriculture robot market size is expected to exceed $16,640.4 million by 2026, due to the growing implementation of robotics in farming activities. Some of the foremost players in the global agricultural robot market, such as Deepfield Robotics, DeLaval, Clearpath Robotics, Autonomous Solutions Inc., AGCO, GEA Group and John Deere, are focusing on designing and developing agriculture robots that best suit the requirements of modern farmers. For instance, in March 2021, a provider of communications and entertainment, Sunrise UPC, verified a smart agriculture system in partnership with Huawei, a Chinese multinational technology company. Sunrise UPC stated that it is testing the usage of robots and drones to manage weeds through the Innosuisse project in partnership with Huawei. Such initiatives by market players are likely to significantly propel the penetration of robotics in farming practices in the upcoming years.

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