ClinFocus Repositions to Become Industry Leader

ClinFocus - a Clinical Data Management and EDC software development services provider transitions from LLC to Inc.

ClinFocus - a Clinical Data Management and EDC software development services provider transitions from LLC to Inc. ClinFocus delivers EDC software development and clinical data management services to small, medium and large sized drug research companies.

ClinFocus was originally formed as a limited liability company in early 2019 with core operations in North America; now over 3 years since inception, ClinFocus has extended primary operations to Europe, Asia and Africa with a staff strength of 65 personnel and counting. Effective immediately, the company will be known as ClinFocus Inc.

The transition reflects the growth strategy and commitment of ClinFocus to become a leading international EDC software developer and provider of clinical data management services. With this restructuring, ClinFocus further fulfils its commitments to building personalized services, high quality EDC systems and providing data management solutions.

ClinFocus is a partner for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies offering an array of services including the design and development of technological solutions that streamline the conduct of clinical trials. This transitioning is a boon for the company's future partnerships and business development as they join the ranks of elite American companies with undivided focus to grow as a leader in the Clinical Data Management industry.

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