Industry Leader GreyOrange Recognized in 2022 Global Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Market Analysis

GreyOrange is recognized as industry leader for its Ranger™ Robots and GreyMatter™ Software by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in 2022

GreyOrange, the global leader in automated robotic fulfillment and inventory optimization software, has been recognized as the Customer Impact Technology Leader by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in its SPARK Matrix™: Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) 2022 report, published on August 19, 2022.

According to Akshaysingh Chandel, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, "GreyOrange's robust product portfolio and initiative to combine AI/ML and robotics assist organizations in optimizing operations and meeting fulfillment needs. GreyOrange offers a dynamic master framework that can integrate with Ranger Robots and GreyMatter software to deliver agility, accuracy, and optimal workflows for efficient fulfillment outcomes." Adds Akshay, "The GreyMatterTM intelligent Fulfillment Operating System (FOS) from GreyOrange uses real-time and predictive data to collaboratively orchestrate how and when orders are filled by people, the company's AMRs (labeled Ranger Robots), and other companies' robots and automation agents that have been certified to the Ranger-standard.

"GreyMatter communicates with the robots which enable the organization to support real-time decisions and implement fluidity across operational areas. Furthermore, the GreyMatter FOS has a command center that provides a visual representation of real-time performance as well as data-driven options for informing dynamic decisions and ensuring a continuous flow of inventory."

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions' SPARK Matrix™ provides a detailed analysis of the global AMR market and competitively analyzes and ranks leading AMR vendors.

The SPARK Matrix™ report includes several highlights regarding technology leadership by GreyOrange with its AI-driven GreyMatter™ Fulfillment Operating System (FOS) and Ranger™ Robot Series:

• Key GreyOrange differentiators include the GreyMatter™ FOS and dynamic master framework capable of integrating with and handling Ranger™ Robots and GreyMatter™ software to deliver agility, accuracy and ideal workflows for efficient fulfillment outcomes.

• The GreyMatter FOS (fulfillment operating system) integrates with robots and utilizes a command center as a visual representation of real-time performance, providing data-driven options for informing real-time decision-making and continuous inventory flow based on market demand.

• A strong geographical presence in North America, followed by the European Union and APAC, with increasing presence in Latin America.

• Strong vertical industry relevance including e-commerce, omnichannel retail, fashion, home improvement/home goods, sports equipment, electronics, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare and life sciences, and third-party logistics (3PL).

"With our customers' need to outperform their competitors at the forefront of our innovative advancements, our AI-enabled software allows our customers to upgrade any robot to help meet consumer demands for speed, quality, choice, accuracy and sustainability," said Samay Kohli, GreyOrange co-founder and CEO. "We're pleased to have our market advancements recognized and GreyOrange presented as the AMR Customer Impact leader in the SPARK Matrix™ report as we help our customers meet demands of modern consumers despite labor shortages."

For supply chain leaders in search of fulfillment optimization resources for educated decision-making, this research evaluates the capabilities, competitive differentiation and market position of different robotic vendors. The report provides a visual representation of the relative strengths of market participants, accompanied by strategic insights on how each vendor ranks among its competitors when evaluating various performance parameters based on technology excellence and customer impact.

To download the SPARK Matrix™: Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), 2022 report, compliments of GreyOrange, click here:

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