Live robotic welding during FABTECH 2022: two tons of metal will be used for the demonstration of AI opportunities

ABAGY is bringing more than two tons of metal to demonstrate the opportunities of AI & machine vision algorithms in welding. The live welding will be used during the demo instead of the dry run, often used at such events.

The welding demonstration will be performed at ABAGY's booth at C12563 at FABTECH. Two robotic cells are located on the booth: one contains a Kawasaki robot and Miller welding equipment; another works with a FANUC robot and welding equipment by Lincoln. Both cells are equipped with ABAGY machine vision and software.

Visitors can freely place a detail for welding in the work zone without zero points. They can set up any seam and its parameters, and the robots will immediately weld it autonomously.

The robot manufacturers mention the groundbreaking technology of ABAGY and the importance of the adaptivity of the robots because that opens vast opportunities for high-mix production.

Zachary Thoma, Kawasaki Robotics USA, says: "Adaptive welding is one of those things that I think is, in some ways, the Holy Grail. If someone can nail it, it could have the remarkable potential to unlock capabilities. Marketing usually tends to outpace reality. But not in the case of ABAGY. I'm excited about the ABAGY product."

Gary Kowalski, FANUC America Corporation, adds: "A big push and a large growth is going on in welding because of the lack of skilled welders. So, anything we can do to make welding easier for the customer is a big bonus. Having the ability to do one-off programming or very low-volume, high-mix programming allows to automate projects that were never automatable in the past. Those customers were not candidates for the robotic weld; now, it is a brand new market for us. It opens up new doors."

The FABTECH 2022 will take place on November 8-10 in Atlanta, GA. Please visit booth C12563 to join a live demonstration of ABAGY's technologies.

About ABAGY:

ABAGY is revolutionizing the industrial robotics market by extending robots' applicability to non-serial production. The company breaks the stereotype about robots being applicable only for the mass production of thousands of identical products, such as the automotive industry or electronics. With ABAGY's software, manufacturers can use the robots for custom projects or even one-of-a-kind details. No robot programming is required.

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