U.S. Air Force to share UAV development plans at the UAV Technology USA 2023 Conference

Key U.S. Air Force speakers at the forefront of UAV development and integration has been announced to speak at the UAV Technology USA in February 2023.

Recently, senior U.S. Air Force officials have provided new details about the service's vision for integrating an evolving set of autonomous capabilities onto new uncrewed aircraft, as well as the groundwork that has already been laid through various recent testing initiatives.

The Air Force views advances in autonomy as absolutely at the core of its plans for a forthcoming fleet of drones designed to work collaboratively with crewed platforms. *

For this reason, the UAV Technology USA conference, taking place on February 6-7, 2023, in Arlington, VA, will provide a valuable forum for attendees to gain an understanding of the U.S. Air Force's development plans of these capabilities.

Early bird offers are available. Register today at http://www.uavtechnologyusa.com/pr1.

The U.S. Air Force expert speakers and sessions include:

• Lieutenant Colonel Rob "Flash" Hetherington, Director of Staff, 25th Attack Group, U.S. Air Force, will present on ‘Utilising the Advanced Systems of the MQ-9 Reaper to ‘Guard with Power'

• Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Slaughter, Chief of Autonomous Platforms, Air Force Futures, U.S. Air Force, will present on ‘Promoting Collaboration for USAF Autonomous System Development at Air Force Futures'

• Lieutenant Colonel Michael S. Chmielewski, Commander, 556th Test & Evaluation Squadron, U.S. Air Force, will present on ‘Developing Future Capabilities for the USAF's UAV Fleet Through T&E'

In addition to these briefings, UAV Technology USA 2023 will host an action-packed schedule of presentations from U.S. and international military services, key technology innovation programs, and leading industry providers seeking to enhance unmanned aerial capabilities.

For the full conference agenda, visit http://www.uavtechnologyusa.com/pr1.

The conference is supported by:

Sponsor: Fortem Technologies

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*source: thedrive.com

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