SMAC launches low-profile actuator for robot end effectors

• LPL Series 125 actuator is designed to mount on robot arms • LPL has programmable speeds, positions, forces, ‘softland’ and can track surfaces • LPL, and other SMAC actuators, used for a wide range of robot applications in assembly, manufacturing, finishing and inspection

CARLSBAD, CA, Dec. 2, 2022 - SMAC Moving Coil Actuators today introduced its new LPL Series 125 low-profile electric linear actuator designed specifically for use on robot end effectors.

The LPL Series actuators utilize SMAC's moving coil linear servo motors for industry-leading precision control often needed for end effector applications, such as parts finishing, pick-and-place tasks and assembly operations.

"With the use of robots becoming more prevalent, there is a demand for actuators with a short height/low center of gravity that can act as end effectors and perform a variety of tasks," said SMAC Founder and CEO Ed Neff. "We designed the LPL Series to fill that void, a low-profile actuator without compromising performance."

The LPL Series actuators offer programmable control of speeds, positioning down to microns, and forces from as low as 0.1 Newtons (N) up to 250 N. In addition, as LPL Series actuators complete their tasks they provide real-time feedback for tracking, performance and quality control.

"Precision control and feedback is extremely critical in many robotic applications," Neff said. "Electric service actuators provide control and feedback unmatched by any pneumatic actuator."

LPL Series actuators are unique in that they can be used on end effectors for a variety of applications, including: testing buttons, switches and levers; deburring and finishing parts; lifting fragile products; or clamping materials for welding or soldering.

LPL Series actuators also are cost-competitive, have high cycle rates, are energy-efficient, and have a lifespan of more than 100 million life cycles. The LPL's benefits are similar to SMAC's LDL and LBR Series actuators, which are also used for robot end effectors.
SMAC manufactures the LPL's moving coil linear servo motor, including its printed coil technology, and laser-machines the components and assembles the LPL Series actuators in its Carlsbad, Calif. facility. SMAC's vertical integration allows it to fill most orders within three weeks.
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