First Robot Inducted Into Builders Association

A 3D Printer Named Max ARCS Now Recognized Nationally as a Builder

SQ4D's revolutionary 3D printer Max ARCS (they/them) has been formally inducted into the Long Island Builders Institute. This marks a first of its kind for a construction 3D printing company to be peer-recognized as a builder.

As a leader in the Construction Technology space, SQ4D has developed its patent-pending ARCS (Autonomous Robotic Construction System) technology to robotically build a structure's footings, slab, foundation walls, interior walls, exterior walls, and roof. All of this is printed on-site and accounts for over 50% of the total construction.

SQ4D aims to revolutionize the antiquated field of construction by utilizing a combination of automation, additive manufacturing, and sustainable building methods to produce cost-efficient structures, all while improving worker safety.

This official induction demonstrates the rapidly growing acceptance and adoption of new technologies, specifically 3D printing, within the well-established construction industry; a space long devoid of technological advancement.

Formed in 1941, the Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI) is an association of building industry professionals; LIBI is a local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the New York State Builders Association (NYSBA). The organizations represent over 140,000 members, including builders, developers, general contractors, remodelers, and now… a robot named Max.

Long-time LIBI member Charles Weinraub is one of Long Island's most active developers. Weinraub has already built one home with his own Max ARCS printer, and has since changed his entire business model for 2023 to build exclusively using 3D printing technology. "The construction industry hasn't been disrupted in 100 years", Weinraub says, "SQ4D's revolutionary technology enables me to deliver a far better product in less time at a lower cost". Already included in his upcoming plans are a number of 3D printed projects, such as a 25-lot subdivision as well as a 26-unit senior rental community, both scheduled to break ground in 2023.

Accepting the membership on behalf of Max was Kristen Henry, Chief Technology Officer of the company. "It's time to drop the hammer and let the 3D printers do their work as we push the construction industry forward", said Henry of the historic induction.

SQ4D is a construction technology company from Patchogue, NY, that produces 3D printers for building residential homes and commercial buildings. If you would like to learn more about SQ4D, please call 1-844-773-3669, visit, or email

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