Brightpick Announces Brightpick Autopicker, the World’s First Commercially-Available Autonomous Mobile Picking Robot for Order Fulfillment

Brightpick Autopickers are Like Humans With Carts, Autonomously Picking and Consolidating Orders as They Move Through the Warehouse Aisles

Erlanger, KY — February 14, 2023 — Brightpick, a leading provider of warehouse automation solutions for order fulfillment, today announced Brightpick Autopicker, the world's first commercially-available autonomous mobile picking robot for ecommerce and grocery order fulfillment. Brightpick Autopicker is the only warehouse robot capable of both picking and consolidating orders in the aisles. Like humans with carts, Brightpick Autopickers move around the warehouse, retrieve product storage totes (bins) from shelving, and robotically pick items from those totes to consolidate orders directly in the aisles.

In contrast to other types of automated fulfillment systems, Brightpick Autopicker does not need to travel back and forth to centralized picking stations. This means warehouses need fewer robots to fulfill orders, leading to reduced costs and improved ROI. It is also why Brightpick can deliver a lower cost per pick than any other solution on the market.

The fully autonomous, end-to-end robotic solution takes less than a month to deploy, enables warehouses to reduce their picking labor by 95%, and cuts costs for order fulfillment by half. A typical Brightpick Autopicker fleet in a warehouse consists of 15 to 100 robots. The entire fleet and fulfillment process is orchestrated and optimized by Brightpick Intuition software.

"Our patented Brightpick Autopicker is the most advanced fulfillment robot ever created and is a game-changer in the warehouse automation space," said Jan Zizka, CEO and co-founder of Brightpick. "Until now, there has never been a robot capable of both picking and consolidating orders on its own as it moves around a warehouse."

Designed Specifically for Ecommerce and Grocery Retailers
Brightpick Autopicker was designed specifically for ecommerce and grocery retailers and is suitable for large, small and micro fulfillment centers. It can reliably pick groceries, cosmetics, personal care products, electronics, pharmaceuticals, apparel and more with 99.9% accuracy. By dramatically reducing the need for human labor, Brightpick Autopicker virtually eliminates human picking errors, leading to happier customers and fewer returns.

The robot also comes with Goods-to-Person capabilities for items that require human dexterity, and is able to autonomously find the nearest human to complete a pick if needed.
Brightpick Autopicker is fully patented and powered by proprietary machine vision and AI algorithms. Its advanced AI algorithms have been trained on more than 250 million picks to date and use machine learning to improve with each pick.

Easy Integration with Existing Warehouses
Brightpick Autopickers work with standard warehouse shelving and totes, enabling fast deployment and easy integration with any warehouse environment, including existing operations and mezzanines. By implementing the Brightpick solution, companies can increase storage density in their warehouses by 250% using standard shelving that is ten feet high. Storage density can be enhanced even further using multiple levels.

The solution has 99.5% uptime, no single point of failure and is easy to maintain. Brightpick Autopickers can also be used to replenish storage and consolidate orders across different picking zones. Additional Brightpick Autopickers can be easily added to increase throughput for seasonal peaks such as the December holidays.

The Brightpick solution is available in two purchase models: robots-as-a-service (RaaS) and capex (outright purchase). Several companies in the US and Europe plan to roll out Brightpick Autopicker in their warehouses in 2023. For sales inquiries, please contact us via our website at

About Brightpick
Brightpick offers the world's most efficient warehouse automation solution for ecommerce and grocery order fulfillment. The company's end-to-end robotic solution autonomously picks, consolidates and dispatches orders in large, small and micro fulfillment centers. The Brightpick solution takes less than a month to deploy, enables warehouses to reduce their picking labor by 95%, and cuts costs for order fulfillment by half. Brightpick is part of Photoneo Brightpick Group, headquartered near Cincinnati, OH, which has more than 300 employees and 5000 technology installations across the US, Europe and Asia. Photoneo Brightpick Group's customers include leading companies such as General Motors, Volkswagen and KUKA. For more information, visit

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