Datalogic, Datasensing and Oversonic, the leading edge of technology for Industry 5.0

Datalogic and Datasensing partner with Oversonic Robotics to showcase RoBee, an autonomously guided humanoid robot, at the SPS IPC Drives event. RoBee assists humans in daily operational tasks, thanks to its cognitive computing systems, artificial intelligence algorithms, and Safety Laser Scanner technology.

Datalogic, a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, and Datasensing, a Datalogic Group company specializing in sensors, security devices, and machine vision, will blaze the trail this year at the SPS IPC Drives event, thanks to the special presence of Oversonic Robotics, a pioneering software company that develops cognitive computing systems.

The collaboration among these companies has created a technological partnership that brings real value to the rapidly advancing world of Industry 5.0.

In fact, innovation and cutting-edge technology are the primary focus for the Datalogic Group and Oversonic Robotics at SPS Italia, where the real power of Industry 5.0 human-machine cooperation will be unleashed, proving its real added value for industrial production processes.

At SPS IPC Drives attendees will have the unique opportunity to meet RoBee, an autonomously guided humanoid robot from Oversonic Robotics, built to showcase innovative solutions and applications in the manufacturing and medical industries. RoBee's primary purpose is to assist humans in daily operational tasks rather than to replace them. RoBee carries out those annoying activities that humans hate as they are repetitive, strenuous, and even dangerous.

Standing 185 cm tall and weighing up to 120 kg (depending on configuration), RoBee is a machine that aesthetically and mechanically mimics the structure of the human body. Through a proprietary technology platform that processes complex artificial intelligence algorithms, RoBee implements cognitive processes that enable it to operate and interact autonomously in shared public and industrial environments to assist people in a variety of tasks, especially those involving activities that are hazardous to physical and mental health. It has amazing limb mobility thanks to the integration of onboard technologies and 40 joints, and able to navigate spaces, manipulate objects, recognize people and the environment, receive voice commands, and even support a conversation.

RoBee will be shown in its full range of capabilities for intralogistics applications. Datasensing's Safety Laser Scanner (SLS) enables RoBee to move and seamlessly interact with human operators in complete safety by constantly monitoring the environment and ensuring that its assigned path is clear of any obstacles that could impede productivity. The exceptional operational flexibility and ease of configuration of the SLS is the perfect match for RoBee, allowing it to perform a variety of tasks on the shop floor.

"Oversonic was born in 2020, combining entrepreneurial design and progressive goal aimed at well-being: taking full advantage of the benefits that the future can bring us by developing and improving the cognitive capabilities of artificial intelligence. We want to create innovative solutions and applications in the world of industry and healthcare," says Paolo Denti, founder and CEO of Oversonic Robotics.

"We are very excited about this collaboration, which demonstrates how Datalogic and Datasensing are at the forefront of robotics and industrial automation," declares Angelo Nicoletti, Datasensing's Italy Regional Sales Manager. "Our goal is to provide Oversonic with the best products on the market that will allow RoBee to perform the functions for which it was created."

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