Rivelin Robotics to Exhibit at Automatica 2023 with Yaskawa

The company will showcase its cutting-edge, automated NetShape Robot solutions for casting deburring and polishing, metal AM post processing, weld bead cleanup and weld repair

Sheffield, UK. 30 May, 2023: Rivelin Robotics is delighted to announce it will be exhibiting its solutions for the automated post processing of metal applications at the upcoming Automatica event. The 2023 edition of Automatica — the leading international trade fair for automation and robotics — is taking place June 27-30 2023, in Munich, Germany.

The Rivelin team will be present at the event alongside its partner Yaskawa Europe, who will host them on its headline booth B6.502, to demonstrate the innovative, world class capabilities of NetShape Robots. Visitors to the booth will be able to view a fully operational NetShape automation cell: an enclosed microfactory that combines an industrial Yaskawa robot equipped with an array of tools, state-of-the-art sensors and processes to ensure dexterity and driven by the powerful NetShape control software developed by Rivelin. The intelligent software uses both machine learning and traditional deterministic control theory to optimise the quality and repeatability of support removal and finishing. The result is an automated support removal and finishing solution that reduces defects in parts by up to 90%, results in a significant reduction in operational costs, and eliminates human risk and variability.

Attendees will also be afforded the opportunity to speak with Rivelin Robotics experts about their own specific applications and explore the benefits that NetShape Robots deliver for a metal part production line both in terms of automation and final product.

"We are thrilled to be exhibiting at Automatica 2023," said Robert Bush, CEO of Rivelin Robotics. "This event provides a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the NetShape Robots and their capabilities for automated post processing of metal parts to a global audience and connect with industry leaders and potential customers."

Richard Tontsch, Marketing Manager Robotics Division, from Yaskawa Europe, further commented: "Having Rivelin Robotics and their NetShape robotics system on our booth at Automatica allows us to showcase a highly innovative application with one of our robots. Since 3D printing of parts will continue to grow in importance as a manufacturing process, highlighting the automated post-printing options that are available with a robot is a topic that we believe will attract a great deal of interest on our stand during the event."

Following its formal launch last year at Formnext, Rivelin Robotics is a pioneer in the digital transformation of manufacturing. Offering repeatability, reliability and traceability; Rivelin NetShape is an AI-driven robotics platform that transforms any 3D model into digital metalworking recipes executed by industrial robots. The technology allows businesses to reshore production, multiply productivity and innovate with sustainable digital manufacturing. Bush continued: "We believe that NetShape Robots have the potential to solve many of the challenges manufacturers of metal parts face through intelligent automation. We are excited to share our vision and expertise with visitors to Automatica 2023 and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible."

Attendees of Automatica 2023 are encouraged to visit Rivelin Robotics at booth #502 in Hall B6 to learn more about the company's NetShape Robots. Visitors can book an appointment with the Rivelin team at Automatica 2023 here.

About Rivelin Robotics

Rivelin's AI, NetShape, teaches robots to autonomously cut, grind & polish metal. The result is the provision of fully capable and adaptable automation cells to our customers, which can deliver superior, high quality finished metal parts Nestled in South Yorkshire's Rivelin Valley, a historic centre for metalworking since the 1740s, our company envisions a world where AI revolutionises the manufacturing industry marrying digital ingenuity and innovation with time-honoured craftsmanship. Rivelin's mission is to eliminate the drudgery from manufacturing, making work safer, smarter and more efficient.

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