BizLink once again proves its ability to innovate in healthcare robotics

At the MEDICA show in Duesseldorf, BizLink presents its new PULSAR platform, an ultrasafe and precise range of robotic arms for medical para-medical applications.

BizLink, a leading global interconnect solutions provider, announced the introduction of a new range of robotic arms today - the BizLink PULSAR platform. Being ultrasafe and precise it is ideal to use for medical and para-medical applications. They are being on display at this year's MEDICA trade show from November 13-16 in hall 10 at booth H27.

The newly developed BizLink PULASR is considered to be a platform because the PULSAR design philosophy is custom development according to the unique requirements of clinical applications. BizLink developed technological bricks such as joints and software which allows to create an unlimited variety of combinations and kinematics. This is what makes BizLink more than a supplier, but a true technology partner. The PULSAR system is compliant with the medical device QMS and ready for integration. Features include full system redundancy for safety, an integrator-friendly API for easy systems integration, a smart robotic controller as well as components selected for the highest attainable accuracy. With the PULSAR platform BizLink offers a range of functionalities including collision avoidance, absolute accuracy, smart skin and embedded 3D vision.

There is a range of options BizLink offers with PULSAR. Starting with collision avoidance, absolute accuracy calibration, coupling system or embedded 3D vision - everything is available on demand. "The BizLink PULSAR platform reflects BizLink's commitment to innovate, always assuring accuracy, safety and reliability", says Claude Burlot, Managing Director of BizLink Robotic Solutions France, S.A.S..

Aside from the newly developed PULSAR platform, BizLink's Healthcare Robotics portfolio comprises the ORION Precision Patient Positioning System used for cancer treatment. With its diverse applications and configurations, it provides multiple benefits, all targeting quick and precise treatment: It offers dynamic positioning control in six degrees of freedom with sub-millimeter accuracy. The system decreases the per patient treatment cycle time by offering the possibility of preparing the patient outside the treatment room through the tool changer. Moreover, it features a high patient weight capacity and installs quickly and easily in new and existing radiotherapy centers. In addition, it is flexible and easy to use, which allows clinical staff to provide the greatest level of patient care.

About BizLink
BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Our mission is to make interconnection easier and to become a leading global interconnect solution supplier. We support environmentally-conscious industries and improve quality of life through providing essential components, wire harnesses, and cables to a wide variety of industries such as IT Infrastructure, Client Peripherals, Optical Fiber Communications, Telecom and Networking, Electrical Appliances, Healthcare, Factory Automation, Machinery and Sensors, Motor Vehicle, Rolling Stock, Marine, Industrial, and Solar. With flexible production resources and global R&D teams in America, Europe, and Asia, BizLink always provides reliable interconnect solutions in close proximity to markets. BizLink also specializes in offering one-stop EMS and NPI services based on customer's requests. At BizLink, we strive to keep collaborating closely with customers to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

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