Deal Expands the Innovative Robotics Company’s Role as a Primary Reseller of LG’s Robot Portfolio

DALLAS (Feb. 8, 2024) - RobotLAB, an award-winning robotics integrator that delivers impactful business innovations and solutions for companies across many industries, has expanded its alliance with B2B technology leader LG Business Solutions USA. The new, wide-ranging collaboration expands RobotLAB's role as a primary reseller - now for LG's entire robotics portfolio and managing entity of its commercial deployment. The two industry leaders first inked an agreement in March 2023 to expand the deployment of LG's key hospitality robot models. The initial collaboration's success paved the way for the expanded distribution agreement, which will make the entirety of LG's robotics portfolio more widely available and tailored via RobotLAB's vast network and deep industry expertise.

"We couldn't be prouder of the relationship we've forged with LG's team, which is built upon a shared vision for the advancement of business-enhancing robotics," said RobotLAB Founder and CEO Elad Inbar. "As LG continues to manufacture new, innovative robotics solutions, this collaboration will ensure they are delivered and integrated to businesses and end-users in a way that reinforces LG's reputation as a reliable technology provider and household name."

The expanded collaboration will add all of LG's existing and future robots to RobotLAB's robust, best-in-class portfolio, including the top-selling LG CLOi ServeBot, LG CLOi GuideBot, and LG Cloi Carrybot. Throughout the initial agreement, RobotLAB integrated LG robots into varying businesses and industries nationwide, building upon its 15-year track record of successfully managing the commercial deployment of tens of thousands of robots. Under the expanded agreement, RobotLAB will continue to be a proven asset to LG Business Solutions USA, leveraging its longstanding expertise and keen sector insights to help LG accelerate all aspects of robot deployment, including sales, marketing, integration and service.

"We pride ourselves on creating groundbreaking and reliable technologies for businesses, and that goal is only achievable with business partners that complement our vision with years-long experience and astute industry insights," said Tom Bingham, Senior Director, LG Business Solutions USA. "That's why we're expanding our collaboration with RobotLAB, which recognizes the need to be reliable, efficient and adaptable to the evolving robotics landscape. We look forward to growing our relationship with RobotLAB as robots continue to be a priority for LG."

Since its founding in 2007, RobotLAB has provided turnkey robotics solutions to companies of all sizes in industries including foodservice, hospitality, banking, education, assisted living, cleaning, delivery and hospitals. The company's talented team of roboticists has effectively deployed more than 10,000 robots that have provided an impressive array of businesses with a clear path to the successful and highly specialized integration of robotics solutions. RobotLAB oversees all aspects of the robotics integration process - from sales, tailored programming, onsite integration and repairs - to ensure businesses can access and understand solutions that will dramatically improve their performance.

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About RobotLAB
Since 2007, RobotLAB has guided businesses to dramatic bottom-line increases by helping them harness and leverage the immense power of automation. Catering to an array of economically critical industries that span education, finance, healthcare, delivery and hospitality, RobotLAB provides robotic business solutions that improve ROI and enhance the user experience. With a multitude of in-house teams and department specialists, the company remains focused on a seamless integration process that begins with an in-depth assessment of client needs. Sales and delivery experts ensure proper product immersion while implementation and installation professionals ensure peak performance. In a world replete with business uncertainties, RobotLAB ensures operational consistency through technology. In 2023, RobotLAB launched the first robotics integration franchise program to best serve growing demand for robotics across the U.S. in nearly all business sectors. To franchise with RobotLAB, visit

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