Plus One Robotics Expands Automation Capabilities with New Depalletization and Gripper Technologies

Major product updates will revolutionize induction and depalletization processes

San Antonio, TX - March 11, 2024 - Plus One Robotics, a provider of AI vision software and solutions for robotic parcel handling, today announced two significant product updates designed to enhance efficiency and expand its reach into new market segments.

The new updates offer significant advancements for businesses seeking to streamline and optimize their fulfillment operations where speed, accuracy and efficiency are paramount.

The new features include updates to depalletization and induction capabilities.

Increase SKU Compatibility for Automated Depalletization

The new depalletization feature addresses growing customer needs in grocery fulfillment, including the demand for increased SKU entitlement for shrink-wrapped cartons and trays. The new capabilities help overcome a longstanding technical challenge faced when automating the depalletization process — accurately distinguishing between groups of densely packed, shrink-wrapped food and beverage items.

To tackle this issue, Plus One Robotics has developed new vision capabilities and AI to accurately identify different product configurations, streamlining the depalletization process and optimizing picking accuracy. This feature is robot-agnostic and designed to work with any of Plus One's system integrators' depalletization systems, offering an immediate solution for warehouses looking to automate their material handling process.

"This new depalletization feature is a game-changer for the grocery industry," said Shaun Edwards, CTO and co-founder of Plus One Robotics. "By leveraging innovative vision technology, we can now seamlessly automate the handling of various case pack configurations, significantly improving efficiency and throughput for our customers in the grocery segment."

Reduce Cost-Per-Piece of Varying Parcel Mix With New, Individual Cup Control Gripper

Plus One Robotics is also strengthening its induction solutions with the introduction of a new gripper design. The Individual Cup Control Gripper (ICC Gripper) leverages the intelligence of Plus One's PickOne vision software to grasp and singulate parcels using the optimal configuration of active suction cups. This advanced design offers several key benefits:

Minimize Unintentional Multi-Picks: The combination of cup configurations enabled by this design allows the gripper to match the shape of the target parcel and avoid accidentally grasping adjacent parcels.
Maximize Retention Force: By activating only the necessary suction cups, the gripper ensures that the full force of the vacuum is applied to the parcel surface, preventing the cost of damaged or dropped parcels.
Reliability You Can Count On: Plus One Robotics follows a rigorous in-house reliability testing protocol to ensure dependability in the field.

"The new Individual Cup Control Gripper exemplifies our unwavering focus on continuous improvement and efficiency," said Erik Nieves, CEO and co-founder. "This software-driven innovation, tightly coupled with our PickOne software and AI detection, empowers users with unparalleled control and adaptability, regardless of the package type, whether it's a box, polybag, envelope or irregular."

Plus One Robotics is exhibiting at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, GA March 11-14, 2024.

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Plus One Robotics provides the industry's fastest and most reliable parcel-handling robotics platform. Founded in 2016 by computer vision and robotics industry experts, Plus One's intelligent solutions combine computer vision, AI and supervised autonomy to pick parcels for leading logistics and e-commerce organizations in the Global 100. Plus One is headquartered in San Antonio with offices in Boulder, Pittsburgh and The Netherlands. Visit for more information, and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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