RGo Robotics Enables Breakthrough AI-Powered Perception on Intel Architecture

RGo’s Perception Engine offers robotic manufacturers a best-in-class, AI-powered perception solution.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - (March 11, 2024) - RGo Robotics (RGo), a pioneer in artificial perception for mobile machines, allowing them to see, understand and adapt to the real world, in collaboration with Intel, announced today that its Perception Engine™ is optimized to run on Intel Core Processors.

RGo's Perception Engine offers robotic manufacturers a best-in-class, AI-powered perception solution. The product demonstrates breakthrough results of localization and obstacle detection modules, allowing robotic solution providers to achieve the highest level of robustness, reliability, speed and accuracy. This enables them to simplify and shorten new site installations, to operate effectively in dynamic and very repetitive environments and to improve their spatial understanding, operating in real time with limited latency.

The RGo solution optimized for Intel architecture uses different components and embedded hardware accelerators within Intel architecture. Key benefits include:

• Minimized system load and power consumption - the software assigns each task to the most suitable hardware module, CPU, GPU and other accelerators, minimizing the system load and power consumption of the overall solution.
• Sophisticated visual data processing - the efficient use of resources allows more visual data to be processed, more sophisticated and complex algorithms to run on Perception Engine, compared to processors with equivalent power and cost. In turn, this enables better reliability, higher accuracy, lower latency and more advanced features to be available even on cost effective platforms.
• Single compute platform - with reduced resource consumption, the full robot software stack can run on a single compute platform.

"Industrial enterprises are seeking enhanced automation, through the use of innovative robotics, to expand manufacturing capabilities, improve overall cost and increase workplace safety." said Sunita Shenoy, Senior Director of Technology Products in the Federal and Industrial Solutions Division at Intel. "Robotic solution providers deploying RGo's Perception Engine can now benefit from a solution that's been optimized for Intel Core processors to help deliver increased performance, reduced power and improved efficiency in automation."

This new release of Perception Engine will enable robotics and automation solution providers to keep their proven Intel architecture-based products and upgrade their robots with the most advanced visual perception capabilities without the need to re-write their existing codebase.

Intel's recent support for direct camera connection over MIPI enables building simplified and cost-efficient robotics platforms with visual input while utilizing Intel's powerful platforms for advanced AI applications.

"Providers of robotic solutions often seek to upgrade their perception capabilities. Many are satisfied with their current Intel-based Industrial PCs and wish to consolidate all their software onto the same architecture. By providing breakthrough Perception Engine capabilities to robotic platforms powered by Intel IPCs, we enable them to save time, resources, and money that would otherwise be spent on replacing their hardware platforms," said RGo's CEO and Co-Founder, Amir Bousani.

The RGo team will be available for questions at Hall A, Booth 9518 at Modex 2024 (March 11-14 at the Atlanta Expo Center) and Hall 6, Stand D25 at LogiMAT (March 19-21 at the Stuttgart Convention Center).

Meetings can be booked using this link.

About RGo Robotics
RGo Robotics pioneered and deployed an AI powered location aware perception solution that enables all mobile machines, robotics and human controlled, to perceive their surroundings and learn on-the-go using state of the art and proven computer vision and AI algorithms as well as sophisticated and scalable sensor fusion technology. RGo Perception Engine™ enables autonomous driving of robots, remote operations, tracking of assets and inventory, geofencing, and dynamic shared mapping. It can be easily integrated into mobile machines at the point of manufacturing or as an add-on post market. RGo's team comprises of world-class leaders with deep academic and industry experience, in bringing AI powered industrial grade software to scale. RGo Robotics has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Caesarea, Israel and is backed by a diversified set of leading investors and strategic partners.

To learn more about RGo Robotics, please visit rgorobotics.ai.

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