Pallet Shuttle Automation, LLC and Seer Robotics Announce Strategic Partnership expanding "Dock to Stock" ASRS/AMR solutions

Announcing today at Modex 2024; in a visionary move set to redefine warehouse and manufacturing efficiency, Pallet Shuttle Automation, LLC, a leader in advanced AI driven warehousing solutions, has partnered with Seer Robotics, a global innovator of Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs). This powerful alliance is aimed at amplifying the capabilities of manufacturing facilities and warehouses, creating a turnkey Dock to Stock AMR/ASRS warehousing and manufacturing solution.

In a strategic collaboration that heralds a new era in logistics efficiency, Pallet Shuttle Automation and Seer Robotics have joined forces to deliver unparalleled Dock to Stock solutions. This partnership combines the best of both worlds — Pallet Shuttle Automation's expertise in 4D ASRS technology with Seer Robotics' innovative approach to autonomous mobile robotics (AMRs).

Focused on revolutionizing warehouse operations, Pallet Shuttle Automation, LLC and Seer Robotics are committed to deploying their combined technologies to fast-track the 'Dock to Stock' process. With a keen eye on enhancing productivity, reducing operational costs, and maximizing space utilization, this tech-aligned partnership represents the gold standard in warehouse optimization strategies.

The goal is clear: to propel Worldwide sales of AMR and ASRS systems, integrating state-of-the-art AI robotic technology to empower businesses to respond with agility to the evolving demands of inventory management and material handling. Together, Pallet Shuttle Automation and Seer Robotics are not just responding to the industry's needs — they're anticipating them, driving change, and paving the way for a smarter, more efficient tomorrow.

A Partnership Built on Technological Excellence

With this partnership, clients can expect a seamless Dock to Stock experience, replete with benefits such as:

Streamlined inventory management, bolstered by the synergy of AMRs and ASRS.
Enhanced accuracy and speed from dock unloading to final stock placement.
A significant reduction in manual touchpoints, minimizing errors and workplace incidents.
Augmented real-time data analytics for informed decision-making.
Bob Thompson, Pallet Shuttle Automation's, CEO says "Our alignment with Seer Robotics is driving innovation in warehouse logistics and manufacturing floors. By integrating our mutual technologies, we are creating a game changing "Dock to Stock" warehouse and manufacturing solutions greatly reducing space needs and labor costs."

"At Seer Robotics, we believe in pairing visionary tech with practical applications. Our partnership with Pallet Shuttle Automation exemplifies this belief and sets a new benchmark for how technology can streamline warehouse operations,"

About Pallet Shuttle Automation

Pallet Shuttle Automation, LLC is a pioneer in 4D Pallet Shuttle technology including heavy duty Pallet Shuttles, seismic approved Shuttle Racking, and TRAK-IT AI powered robotic control system.

About Seer Robotics

Seer Robotics stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of industrial robotics. The company specializes in the development of sophisticated AMR and ASRS systems, pushing boundaries to facilitate effortless and cost-effective warehouse management.

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