V-827 Wide-Body Linear Stage Family for Precision Automation

New direct-drive linear positioning stages provide 2m/sec velocity and 150kg load capacity, from PI.

Auburn, MA - PI, a leading manufacturer of precision motion control equipment, air bearings, and piezo technology for industry and research has introduced a new series of high-performance linear stages.

The new V-827 direct-drive linear stages are tailored for demanding applications with high loads to 150kg, high throughput requirements, and a need for extended reliability. These stages excel in straightness and flatness performance, surpassing comparable motorized linear translation stages available in the market. Equipped with a robust, non-cogging direct drive motor, the V-827 precision positioning stage family delivers exceptional performance in production environments. The stage design allows for easy XY configuration and multi-axis operation with additional vertical translation stages and rotary positioning stages.

Debris Protection for Laser Processing
The V-827 wide-body family of linear stages is available with side seals (SS) for debris protection, ideal for laser processing and similar manufacturing or automation applications

Absolute and Incremental Encoder Options
In its absolute encoder version, the new V-827 stage offers not only a remarkable 1nm resolution but also ensures the safest and most efficient start, eliminating the need for initialization or homing procedures. Additionally, the ultra-precision recirculating ball bearings are designed to operate maintenance-free throughout the stage's lifespan.

• Available travels of 300, 500, 750, and 1000mm
• Direct drive motor for efficient, dynamic performance
• Recirculating bearings for excellent straightness and flatness
• Sin/cos or absolute encoder option for accuracy, repeatability, and safety (absolute)
• Wide Base for High stability and multi-axis setup- ideal for scanning, measuring, machining, imaging, alignment
Why Three Phase Direct Drive Motors?
Three-phase motors provide higher dynamics and friction-free, maintenance-free operation. They transfer force directly to the motion platform, eliminating backlash and play. Recirculating ball bearings ensure reliability and robustness, with a high load capacity of 150 kg for long bearing lifetime.

Excellent Geometric Performance: Straightness/Flatness
Selecting the right linear stage is crucial for optimal performance in high-precision applications. The V-827 offers exceptional geometric accuracy of 4µm/5µm straightness/flatness over 1000mm travel and 0.15µm bidirectional repeatability, along with high dynamic properties suitable for automation. Partnered with PI's A-8xx series motion controllers, these stages achieve unparalleled motion performance, facilitated by EtherCAT®-based connectivity allowing for easy integration of third-party equipment.

Industries Served
Laser machining or ablation, laser micro-processing, semiconductor metrology, wafer dicing, precision automation, pick and place, automated precision assembly, X-ray or AOI inspection, tomography

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