Innovation Pioneer RobotLAB Proudly Announces Expanded Software and Updated Technology for Award-winning Pepper Robot

Leading Robotics Integrator Delivers Evolving Business Solutions as Robotic Investments Increase within Critical U.S. Industries

RobotLAB, an award-winning robotics integrator that delivers impactful business innovations and solutions for companies across many industries, has unveiled the latest upgrades and advancements to its award-winning robotic companion, Pepper - a versatile customer service robot that can be tailored to meet the needs of banks, hospitals, assisted living centers, cannabis retailers, hotels and more. RobotLAB has been the master distributor for Pepper robots since 2009, boasting hundreds of deployments. The recent advancements in Pepper ensure clients are equipped with a top-tier product powered by sophisticated software - sold, integrated, serviced and repaired via RobotLAB's best-in-class processes. Pepper's cutting-edge capabilities are certain to provide critical real-world utility and will be invaluable as demand for robotics and AI integration grows exponentially.

"RobotLAB is extremely proud of our extensive and longstanding abilities to meet the growing demand for powerful AI-based business solutions like Pepper, especially as critical economic sectors across the country continue to leverage the inherent advantages of technology," said Elad Inbar, Founder and CEO of RobotLAB. "By taking a proven business efficiency like Pepper and incorporating key software advancements and cutting-edge updates, we are reinforcing our commitment to transforming the industry and improving the customer experience."

Recently, RobotLAB enhanced the Pepper experience with the latest hardware models and proprietary Robot Control AI platform. The improved capabilities aim to build even more personalized robot interactions and engagements, increase their overall efficiency and seamlessly integrate them into various roles. Pepper's updated system also offers a comprehensive analytics tool that helps fleet managers study how people interact with the robots and change robot behaviors through the cloud-based service.

In the United States and Latin America, RobotLAB is the top-selling sole provider of standard operating procedures, onsite deployment, annual service packages, consultation, learning management systems, curricula and training for Pepper - as with all robots in RobotLAB's diverse portfolio. Providing a myriad of business solutions as labor shortages persist and businesses look for new ways to innovate, Pepper offers a friendly face and versatile programming options that fit businesses of any scale and specialty.

Since its founding in 2007, RobotLAB has provided turnkey robotics solutions to companies of all sizes in industries including foodservice, hospitality, banking, education, assisted living, cleaning, delivery and hospitals. The company's talented team of roboticists has effectively deployed more than 10,000 robots that have provided an impressive array of businesses with a clear path to the successful and highly specialized integration of robotics solutions. RobotLAB oversees all aspects of the robotics integration process - from sales, tailored programming, onsite integration and repairs - to ensure businesses can access and understand solutions that will dramatically improve their performance.

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Since 2007, RobotLAB has guided businesses to dramatic bottom-line increases by helping them harness and leverage the immense power of automation. Catering to an array of economically critical industries that span education, finance, healthcare, delivery and hospitality, RobotLAB provides robotic business solutions that improve ROI and enhance the user experience. With a multitude of in-house teams and department specialists, the company remains focused on a seamless integration process that begins with an in-depth assessment of client needs. Sales and delivery experts ensure proper product immersion while implementation and installation professionals ensure peak performance. In a world replete with business uncertainties, RobotLAB ensures operational consistency through technology. In 2023, RobotLAB launched the first robotics integration franchise program to best serve growing demand for robotics across the U.S. in nearly all business sectors. To franchise with RobotLAB, visit

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