BOW unveils first-of-its-kind robotics software with global OEMs at Hannover Messe

BOW is a code-agnostic, interoperable, and scalable software platform that is transforming the robotics industry.

BOW, the universal robotics software company that makes programming robots code-agnostic, interoperable and scalable, will today demonstrate real-world applications at the Hannover Messe exhibition with partners Sarcomere Dynamics and inMotion robotic, Hall 5/D46-3.

Originally spun-out in 2020 from research in computational intelligence and robotics, BOW was founded to remove the barriers to entry and scale that currently hamper the deployment of robotics, namely: the restricted programming languages that vary from robot to robot and limit the pool of potential programmers; the lack of interoperability between different makes and classes of robots; and the challenges of simulating applications across multiple different robots.

The BOW platform is designed from first principles to be code-agnostic, allowing software developers and roboticists alike to program robots in their preferred language and OS - including C# and NET, JavaScript, C++, Python and running on Windows, Linux or Mac. Programmers can simulate their solution in real-time using BOW's ground-breaking simulator SDK, producing reusable control algorithms that can be easily applied to any number of different robots - solving the challenge of interoperability and scalability.

Hannover Messe (22-26 April) is one of the world's largest and most important events for Industrial Transformation, attracting over 130,000 attendees. BOW is the official software partner for Sarcomere Dynamics and inMotion robotic - together with its partner Deep Robotics - two leading robotics companies that will be demonstrating BOW-enabled applications on their stands at Hannover Messe.

inMotion robotic and its partner Deep Robotics are a global OEM pioneering the development and industrial application of bionic quadruped robots. The company's quadrupeds are designed for use in challenging environments including inspections in power stations, factories, pipeline corridors and emergency search and rescue environments. inMotion robotic quadruped robots are delivered to end-customers with the BOW SDK as standard, enabling easy programming and simulation, interoperability with other robots and scalable deployment. At the show, inMotion robotic will demonstrate two models of the bionic quadruped robots, both programmed and controlled using the BOW platform.

Sarcomere Dynamics is a Canadian deep tech company dedicated to bringing near-human capability to general-purpose automation, addressing labor shortages in dull, dirty or dangerous jobs. The company provides system integrators and manufacturers with alternative end effectors that are compact, lightweight, more affordable, and demonstrate better dexterity. All Sarcomere products are designed for easy integration into existing automation systems. At Hannover Messe, Sarcomere will have on display their ARTUS Lite, a robotic hand that replicates human capability in manipulating objects and tools. The bimanual system and the ARTUS Lite have been programmed using the BOW platform to enable teleoperations; the system was successfully tested in real time, over 7500 km between operator and robotics. The Sarcomere system is undergoing trials for diverse applications, ranging from bomb disposal to industrial hazardous material handling.

Kai Leuze, CEO of inMotion robotic said, "At Hannover Messe, we are excited to launch two new models of the European version of our quadruped robot to the European market with BOW software integrated as standard. BOW is an integral software partner - their SDK and platform enables our customers to deploy these robots across a variety of applications, including construction, inspection, rescue operations and industrial. Working with BOW has opened up new application opportunities and makes deployment simple and scalable for end-customers."

Harpal Mandaher, CEO and co-founder of Sarcomere Dynamics said, "Sarcomere's mission is to provide versatile robotic systems that significantly enhance productivity and efficiency across industries. We selected BOW as our software partner because their platform allows for rapid AI, machine learning and kinematic programming. This is a key capability that allows complex, teleoperations systems, with our ARTUS Lite high dexterity hands, to unlocking use-cases from bomb disposal to hazardous material handling in the nuclear industry."

Nick Thompson, CEO of BOW said, "The industrial robotics industry is forecast to more than double within the next six years from $40.6 billion in 2024 to $90.3 billion in 2030. But for robotics to achieve its full potential, the current complexity of programming and deployment must be solved. BOW is a universal robotics software platform that allows anyone with software development skills to quickly and easily program robots in their language and OS of choice, simulate and deploy interoperable robots - as demonstrated at Hannover Messe by our visionary partners, inMotion and Sarcomere Dynamics."

BOW will be demonstrating its software platform at Hannover Messe from 22 - 26 April with inMotion in hall 5 on stand D46-3 and Sarcomere Dynamics in Hall 007, stand D28.

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