CMES Robotics to Showcase AI-Powered Mixed Case Depalletization at Automate 2024

The turnkey system is designed to streamline depalletizing operations across warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

CMES Robotics, a leading manufacturer of AI machine vision software, announced that it will showcase a ready-to-deploy Mixed Case Depalletizing Solution featuring the Doosan Robotics H2017, one of the most powerful cobots in the market, and the beRobox platform at Automate 2024 in Chicago from May 6-9. Customers can quickly implement this system utilizing its intuitive plug-and-play functionality.

About the Solution

The turnkey system is designed to streamline depalletizing operations across warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Through advanced AI vision and robotic control, it can rapidly depalletize mixed SKUs without any pre-sorting or conventional separating tools.

Key Features

Doosan Robotics 6-axis cobot H2017.
Depalletizing of mixed case boxes and bags without training.
Handles mixed SKUs up to 600 pieces per hour.
Payload up to 55 pounds.
AI 3D vision sensors for precise detection and positioning.
Fast installation and effortless operation.
CMES Robotics, Doosan Robotics, and beRobox, a global leader in robotics and machine automation, are known for accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, supporting factory applications, manufacturing, and logistics applications.

Live Demos at Automate 2024 by A3

The Random Mixed Case Depalletizing Solution will be demonstrated live at the Doosan Robotics booth #850 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Attendees can witness firsthand how the synergy between CMES Robotics AI vision and Doosan's robot solution overcomes the challenges of mixed SKU pallets and improves efficiency, safety, and scalability in warehousing operations.

About CMES Robotics

CMES Robotics is an AI vision robot solutions innovator that empowers warehouse logistics through advanced automation technologies. With cutting-edge robotics systems and a customer-centric approach, CMES Robotics is transforming material handling operations globally. For more information, please visit our product site at or contact

About Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics is a global leader in collaborative robot solutions, embodying the principle of 'innovating in every motion, revolutionizing the way we work.' Doosan robots, known for world-class safety and precision, enhance task efficiency across various sectors from manufacturing to service, enabling people to focus on more valuable work. More information about Doosan Robotics is available at

About beRobox

beRobox designs and manufactures standard robotic palletizing solutions. Our proprietary software STACKiT makes our PALTZ unit the simplest, most easy-to-use palletizing solution on the market. For more information, please visit beRobox website at or contact

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