Innovation in Motion: Superior Paving and EZ Street Robotics

EZ STREET® is proud to announce a groundbreaking innovation in asphalt technology at the upcoming Robotics Open House. The event will showcase a cutting-edge robotic packaging operation that will transform the deployment of Ambient® Asphalt Technology, providing an efficient and effective solution to eliminate potholes.

Did you know? According to recent statistics, potholes cause over $3 billion in vehicle damage annually in the United States alone. (Source: AAA)

Set against the backdrop of ongoing infrastructure challenges and recent bipartisan efforts to address them, EZ STREET® is pioneering a game-changing approach to road maintenance. As the nation works to upgrade its transportation systems, EZ STREET® is declaring war on potholes, offering a durable fix to this persistent problem.

"Our new robotic operation is a pivotal moment for Superior Paving and EZ STREET® as we escalate our efforts to combat pothole challenges across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond," said David Helmick, EVP Operations of Superior Paving Corp. "Ambient® Asphalt Technology, with its regenerative technology and thermally resilient characteristics, is uniquely formulated to withstand varied environmental conditions, ensuring a performance-proven solution to the persistent pothole problem."

"This investment puts both Superior and EZ STREET at the forefront of transforming a traditionally labor-intensive industry. This shift to advanced robotic assistance exemplifies a commitment to leadership and innovation, propelling us into a new era of efficiency and precision in infrastructure maintenance," says Lars Seagren, SVP of The EZ STREET Company.

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Media Invitation: Attend the open house event on April 25th, 2024, from 5pm to 7pm at the Superior Paving Bealeton Plant in Bealeton, VA, or schedule a separate briefing with EZ STREET® and Superior Paving Corp. to learn more about this groundbreaking technology. Visit our event site. Contact: Elyssa Maslach,, 414-554-5373

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Harmonic Drive - Simplify with our New, Innovative Family of Compact Rotary Actuators with Integrated Servo Drive!

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