Autonomous Technology that is Shaping the World of Delivery

Arrive AI puts autonomous technology for delivery in the spotlight

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - (June 25, 2024) - At some point, just about everyone gets something delivered to them, whether through work or at home. Since delivery is a topic that touches most people, the advances being made in the world of delivery are being discussed from coast to coast. Autonomous technology is emerging as the catalyst for ensuring that changes meet people's needs and shape the industry's future.

"Nothing stays the same. Everything is in a constant state of change, which goes for how things are delivered, too," says Arrive AI CEO Dan O'Toole. "We are thrilled to be a part of the group leading the changes in the delivery world. Our system is the future of delivery."

There are no limits to the ingenuity emerging to help revolutionize all types of industries, including delivery. Arrive AI has honed in on the delivery field, helping to lead in advancing autonomous delivery options. They have created a patented smart and secure mailbox capable of sending and receiving packages via drone, robot, driverless vehicle, or conventional mail carrier.

Autonomous technology is being used in various areas, including with:
• Ground robots. The advances have been in the battery technology, which allow them to harvest energy from their environment, as well as use cameras and vision systems. The upgrades to measurement units have also made it possible for them to have better tracking and stability control.
• Self-Driving Vehicles. Not needing input from human drivers, the units can handle delivery tasks with ease. A high priority is being put on ensuring the safety of using this technology.
• Drones. There have been advances in positioning systems, satellite systems, and more. The advances will give drones the ability to make real-life decisions based on what is going on and in their path.
• AI security. Being able to identify people is becoming safer and more accurate. Through technology offered by nVIAsoft, the pattern of veins on a person's hand can be evaluated with a touchless sensor. Arrive AI has teamed up with the company to use with their smart mailboxes. People will be able to waive their hand in front of the mailbox to show their identity, and be able to get into the box. This keeps delivered items safer, more secure, and private.
Arrive AI has created a solution to the problems people have faced with delivery for years. Their system provides a safe and secure way for people to receive deliveries, making it impossible for thieves to continue stealing packages from porches. It is also a system that provides separation so that USPS envelopes are kept sorted from packages received, and the unit is temperature controlled, so people do not have to worry about things being damaged. Whether receiving prescriptions, sensitive documents, valuable goods, or something else, it will be seamlessly accepted by the smart mailbox and held three securely until the owner retrieves it.

With hundreds of millions of packages being stolen each year and others compromised due to weather conditions, this is the technology that people have been patiently waiting for. Not only does it provide an effective solution to the concerns that those receiving deliveries have had for many years, but it can also help reduce the costs associated with delivery and the overall environmental impact.

Increasingly, companies are investing in ways to help make delivery safer, greener, more cost-effective, and more reliable. The good news is that companies leading the way with solutions, such as Arrive AI, are ready to provide them with the revolutionary tools to take the industry in a new direction. Arrive AI's cutting-edge smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) is slated to revolutionize delivery for homeowners and businesses.

"Our system is the next step for consumers, as well as for companies that do delivery," O'Toole adds. "We can't wait to see its positive impact on the field. The future of autonomous delivery is here."

Arrive AI is using patented technology for their smart mailboxes. The technology will allow packages to be delivered in a manner that is securely protected from porch pirates and the weather. Deliveries are put into the weatherproof box via drone; nobody besides the rightful owner can access it. Arrive's smart mailboxes enhance public safety by aiding emergency services in locating homes that have placed 9-1-1 calls. These mailboxes illuminate and visually guide emergency vehicles, reducing response time and potentially saving lives. This feature has earned support from first responders, recognizing its potential to streamline emergency responses. The smart mailboxes support traditional and autonomous delivery.

Arrive's smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (Maas) platform helps businesses and residents send and receive packages securely and safely. The company has announced several new partnerships across its MaaS (Mailbox as a Service) ecosystem, Hush Aerospace, HEI Integrated Systems, Joule Case, and A2Z Drone Delivery. Arrive has been granted patents for their revolutionary drone docking station and delivery system, and they have filed three other patents. To learn more about their patents, visit the site at:

To see videos of Arrive in action, visit
To learn more about Arrive, visit the site:

About Arrive AI:
Arrive AI's patented ALM platform makes the exchange of goods between people, robots and drones frictionless through the use of artificial intelligence, leveraging climate-assisted cargo space, smart alerts and advanced chain of custody controls to secure the last inch of the last-mile for all shippers, delivery services and autonomous delivery networks. Upon completion of its reverse merger with Bruush, the company will trade as ARRV.

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