FlytBase and Frontier Precision Partner to Deploy Docking Stations at Scale

Deploying an autonomous drone-in-a-box solution for enterprise operations is a complex undertaking. It demands the careful selection of various hardware and software components tailored to specific use cases.

San Jose, California (USA), June 11, 2024: FlytBase Inc., a leading enterprise drone

autonomy software company, has announced Frontier Precision, a premier distributor of
DJI's Enterprise drone solutions and provider of data-driven technical services for aerial
surveying and photogrammetry, as their Gold Partner.

What this partnership brings
Deploying an autonomous drone-in-a-box solution for enterprise operations is a complex
undertaking. It demands the careful selection of various hardware and software
components tailored to specific use cases. Solution providers have to oversee
deployments, obtain all necessary approvals and waivers for autonomous operations, and
enable seamless integration with existing enterprise systems. They additionally have to
ensure compliance with IT standards and data security requirements, provide extensive
training on new technologies, and conduct proof-of-concept demonstrations to facilitate
the adoption of this innovative technology.

Nitin Gupta, Founder & CEO of FlytBase, stated, "Frontier Precision has been a pioneer in
providing end-to-end automated drone solutions, exemplified by their marquee docked
drone deployment with AlaskaDOT. We are excited to partner with them to drive the
adoption of new technology like the DJI Dock 2 across various industries and use cases."
Sean Muldoon, Enterprise Sales Manager at Frontier Precision further states, "I'm thrilled
about our new partnership with FlytBase. This collaboration marks a significant milestone
in providing cutting-edge UAS solutions, especially in the drone dock space. FlytBase's
innovative ‘Flinks' technology enables seamless integration between drones and software
systems, facilitating automated data extraction and processing. This streamlines
operations and reduces manual intervention, allowing our clients to manage multiple UAS
deployments efficiently.

Moreover, FlytBase's robust cybersecurity framework ensures secure data transmission,
safeguarding our customers data and operations against cyber threats. This partnership
enhances our value added reseller offerings, combining advanced automation, efficient
system integration, and top-notch cybersecurity. We're excited to continue delivering
innovative and secure solutions in the UAS industry."

About Frontier Precision:
Frontier Precision is an employee-owned company with over 36 years of experience
serving survey, mapping, engineering, construction, GIS, drones/UAS/unmanned,
forensics, law enforcement, forestry, water resources, mosquito & vector control, and
natural resources professionals throughout the western United States.

Since our founding in Bismarck, ND in 1988, we've expanded our footprint to South
Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and
Florida (Mosquito/GIS). Additionally, Frontier provides service in the states of Wyoming
and Utah, along with our remote Frontier Precision Unmanned specific offices in Indiana,
North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Arizona. We pride ourselves on offering
unmatched customer service with industry experts who always find a solution to fit your
needs. To learn more about Frontier Precision, visit

About FlytBase:
Founded in 2016, FlytBase, Inc., a Silicon Valley company, is an enterprise drone
autonomy software platform. FlytBase was part of Cisco's accelerator program and was
recognized as the Grand Champion at NTT Data's Global Innovation Contest. FlytBase's
enterprise-grade secure, reliable, & scalable platform is designed for system integrators
to seamlessly integrate various components of the drone ecosystem, including hardware,
BVLOS capabilities, and data analytics/management apps, to fully automate flight
operations and build custom workflows for enterprise use-cases like security, inspections,
or emergency response. To learn more about FlytBase, visit

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