RGo Robotics Perception Engine to Power Onward Robotics' Fulfilment Center Automation

With RGo's localization solution, Onward's Pyxis platform can provide uninterrupted operations of its fleet of robots, delivering breakthrough productivity and customer satisfaction.

RGo Robotics, a leading provider of AI-powered, location-aware artificial perception platforms, today announced that its Perception Engine will power the Pyxis robot from Onward Robotics. This partnership enables seamless interaction between humans and robots in fulfilment and distribution centers, providing breakthrough throughput and rapid return on investment.

RGo's proven and deployed vision and AI solution for localization, obstacle detection, and scene understanding achieves highly consistent accuracy. It can operate reliably in challenging environments like narrow, repetitive aisles in fulfilment centres where robots need to travel in close proximity to shelving units and humans. With RGo's localization solution, Onward's Pyxis platform can provide uninterrupted operations of its fleet of robots, delivering breakthrough productivity and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, RGo Perception Engine gives Onward the ability to quickly and easily set up new customer sites with a robot fleet in just hours, shortening time-to-value and reducing deployment costs. RGo's Perception Engine dynamically adapts to changes in the environment, eliminating disruptive re-mapping when layout changes occur.

"I'm proud our team met Onward's stringent requirements for a highly reliable solution that works effectively in dynamic environments with low error rates and high uptime," said Amir Bousani, Co-Founder and CEO of RGo Robotics. "It demonstrates the high reliability of our 3D vision & AI perception technology and shows it's ready for prime time."

"Onward Robotics is set to revolutionize fulfilment and distribution centre automation by optimizing humans and robots for continuous, rapid fulfilment," said Lance VandenBrook, CEO of Onward Robotics. "Flexible and adaptable perception is critical for achieving business success. Working with RGo allowed us to release our solution in record time while our team focused on core differentiating features."

About RGo Robotics RGo Robotics pioneered and deployed an AI powered location aware perception solution that enables mobile machines to perceive their surroundings using state of the art and proven computer vision and AI algorithms as well as sophisticated and scalable sensor fusion technology. RGo's Perception Engine has been proven reliable even in complex & dynamic environments, both indoors & outdoors. The data & insights provided by RGo - localization, mapping, obstacle detection and scene understanding - can be used for autonomous driving of mobile robots as well as remote operations and tracking of mobile machines that are not robotic. RGo's team comprises of world-class leaders with deep academic and industry experience, in bringing AI powered industrial grade software to scale. RGo Robotics has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Caesarea, Israel and is backed by a diversified set of leading investors and strategic partners. https://www.rgorobotics.ai/

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