Aerodyne Teams Up With AWS to Solve Complex Industrial Issues With Drone Data

-Malaysian drone services company uses AWS to deliver insights for organizations in the telecommunications, agriculture, and energy industries while reducing data processing costs by 70% compared to on-premises infrastructure -Aerodyne's drones are transforming cell tower inspections by improving safety for workers

WiBotic Signs Partnership with Nabtesco Corporation for Sales in Japan

WiBotic - the leader in advanced wireless charging solutions for mobile robots - enters strategic sales partnership with Nabtesco, bolstering presence in Japanese market

Robotics & Automation Award Win for Synergy Logistics

The warehouse tech innovator won for their multi-agent orchestration solution, SnapControl, which facilitates seamless and efficient control over all automation devices and robots within distribution centers...

Flexxbotics Provides Robot Compatibility with Hardinge Turning, Milling, Grinding, Honing and Multifunctional CNC Machines

Flexxbotics' unique FlexxCORE technology enables robots to securely connect and communicate with Hardinge equipment in the smart factory to provide more powerful, flexible and open robot connectivity than previously available.

Knight Optical Lights Up Black Friday with Crystal-Clear Savings

Knight Optical (KO) - the trusted provider of precision, metrology-tested optical components, acclaimed in the robotics, photonics, and military and defence industries - is marking a huge milestone. For the first time in its history, the optics expert is embracing the Black Friday event.

XIMEA Releases Smallest Industrial USB3 Cameras With New Models Up To 20 MPix

XIMEA, the innovator of the smallest high-speed cameras, is expanding its camera family with the tiny format of 15x15 mm.

Point One Navigation Releases the Atlas Real-Time Inertial Navigation System

Designed for developers and manufacturers of autonomous vehicles, robots, mapping and photogrammetry applications, Atlas is the world's most advanced RTK network, positioning hardware and engine, all in one package.

How does mobile robot technology increase warehouse productivity?

Logistics automation for warehouse operations has become a key factor for efficiency in an increasingly competitive production environment. The technological advancement of mobile robots makes the warehouse operations optimization more accessible than ever for companies of any size. This article reviews some of the global data from the latest report from the IFR - International Federation of Robotics which shows that logistics remains one of the top 5 areas for service robotics applications.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile robotics have advanced significantly in recent decades and the convergence of both technologies brings surprising results in several areas. Artificial intelligence robots (AI robots) are changing the way we live and work, as well as industrial processes around the world. Robotnik explores the advantages and disadvantages of AI robots. In this article, you can also find 10 examples of applications of these robots deployed in various industries.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies develops sealing solution for demanding cobot applications

One of the key requirements is that they must be adaptable enough for use in different work environments, and not just handle a range of tasks. Cobots used in a welding cell today, for example, should be able to work on a packaging line a week from now. This puts significant demands on their application profile.

FlytBase and DroneDeploy partner to unify autonomous drone dock operations and reality capture

FlytBase customers and partners will now have a way to automatically load the captured data into DroneDeploy, enabling them to generate highly accurate 3D maps.

REMY Robotics launches in the United States radically transforming restaurants by making high quality healthy food affordable and accessible

After secretly serving over 100,000 meals with an average rating of 4.7 stars, Remy launches its fast-fine restaurant "Better Days" in New York City

iMerit Introduces Defect Detection Solution for Advanced Manufacturing and Warehouse Robotics AI Applications

iMerit's defect detection application enables AI development teams to build high-precision machine learning models for fully-automated production lines on the manufacturing floor.

Trimble and Skydio Integrate Technologies to Deliver Insights to Construction, Utilities and State Transportation Agencies

Automated Workflow in Drone Surveying, Mapping, and Inspection Turns Data to Insights

The Festo Power Up Initiative Aims to Transform Food and Beverage Machine Building

The Festo product range, productivity tools, and automation platform supercharge the adoption of electric automation.

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Visual SLAM and 3D Perception for Mobile Robots

Visual SLAM and 3D Perception for Mobile Robots

RGo's intelligent vision and AI system, Perception Engine™, provides mobile robots with 3D perception capabilities, enabling them to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously just like humans. Its camera-based system operates is able to localize, map, and perceive in even the most robust environments including indoor/outdoor and dynamic or unstructured environments.