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The special CYBATHLON
magazine is now available!

The second Cybathlon will be held in Zurich, September 19-20, 2020. At this event, people with physical disabilities will be competing in obstacle courses against each other. Assistance systems such as exoskeletons, bionic prostheses, and motorized wheelchairs will be used in six disciplines. maxon has produced a special magazine dedicated to this event addressing some key questions such as: Where is the development of prosthetic devices heading? How do you build an exoskeleton? Which of the six disciplines is the Cybathlon founder's favorite?


Meet the Team

The Japanese team Fortississimo from Keio University is new to the Cybathlon. In preparation for the event, the team participated in the Wheelchair Series in Kawasaki, where pilot Hiroshi Nozima managed to win 3rd place. The team’s wheelchair is comprised of four modules of wheel-track units with a swinging arm mechanism. This system allows two modes of locomotion: the first mode provides a high degree of maneuverability on smooth, level ground while the second mode enables the wheelchair to generate sufficient traction for rough terrain or climbing stairs. maxon is supporting the team with brushless EC 90 flat motors and EPOS4 50/15 positioning controllers.
Settling an old score

At Cybathlon 2016, Scewo's futuristic prototype wheelchair did not perform as intended. Now, the developers are coming back with an improved model – and they want to show it to their skeptics. 
Join the adventure with Bionicman
Bionicman is a different kind of superhero. His futuristic prosthetic hand lends him superhuman powers. He uses these powers to give children with disabilities more confidence - and cool, 3D-printed hands.


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