ROEQ Boosts Payloads and Lifting Capabilities of Autonomous Mobile Robots with Two New Products

Widespread labor shortages and phenomenal growth in the online retail sector places enormous pressure on warehouse, logistics, and manufacturing facilities to maximize their existing automation investments. Increasing throughput and productivity for goods transportation applications means doing more with less.

By boosting autonomous mobile robot (AMR) payload capabilities and adding flexibility to lifting applications, two newly launched top module products and accompanying accessories from pioneering MRE specialists ROEQ enable end users to achieve their productivity goals and overcome labor shortages while avoiding the need to make massive additional capital investments in automation.


ROEQ TMS-C1500 provides a powerful payload boost for AMRs

Capable of handling total payloads of up to 1500 kg (3307 lbs), the new ROEQ top module TMS-C1500 combined with the new S-Cart1500W shelf cart greatly increases the payload capabilities of MiR’s MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000 and MiR1350 AMRs.

Using the TMS-C1500 top module, a MiR1000 or MiR1350 AMR can be deployed on applications with payloads of up to 1500kg, enabling MiR AMRs to be deployed in applications with heavier payloads than ever before. Similarly, the TMS-C1500 allows a MiR500 or MiR600 AMR to be deployed on applications with payloads of up to 800 kg, a massive increase on the 400 kg payload supported by other MRE systems for the two AMRs.

Eliminating the need for a docking station, the TMS-C1500 can pick up and drop off the shelf cart in free space and with precision, ensuring that the AMR is never left idling as it can simply drop off the cart and immediately go and pick a new one up.

“ROEQ standardized MRE solutions are designed to unleash the full power and potential of AMRs for companies of all sizes and the latest additions to our product family is a testament to that,” says Michael Ejstrup Hansen, Managing Director of ROEQ. “The TMS-C1500 provides a powerful boost for your AMR’s payload capabilities, enabling end users to repurpose compact AMRs for applications involving the transport of larger and heavier items, ensuring substantial cost savings, faster ROI and reduced Total Cost of Ownership compared to alternative solutions. We have not seen any other standard MRE solutions for MiR AMRs that feature these heavy payload capabilities.”

The TMS-C1500 plus S-Cart1500W enables the AMR to handle many different sizes and types of payloads and with a cargo area larger than a US pallet, the cart has increased tilt stability with wheels placed further apart, enabling safe deployments.


Expanded automated lifting options

ROEQ has also launched the top module TML200 with a stroke of 40mm that can lift loads carried by the MiR250 AMR. This versatile addition to the ROEQ Top Module Lifter family can not only lift and transport crates, but also pallets, racks and ROEQ shelf carts. Additional accessories that support a wide range of applications --such as those incorporating pick up and drop off via bar marker (PR250 pallet rack), free space pick up and drop off (S-Cart300L Cart), and the pick-up of uneven bottomed cargo, such as half Euro-pallets (TML200 Forks)-- allow the MiR250 to be used across a wider range of application scenarios than ever before, often eliminating the need to add more expensive solutions such as conveyors. In addition, the TML200 comes with a pickup cargo sensor feature that prevents it from picking up additional cargo if the TML200 is already loaded.

“ROEQ understands that warehouse and logistics facilities need to do more with less and we develop MRE solutions designed to face this challenge. ROEQ solutions are good for your bottom line, your productivity, your throughput and your safety,” says Hansen, noting that all new products come with ROEQ Assist software.


Direct interface with MiR AMRs

ROEQ Assist software is a crucial ingredient in setting up a complete, standardized, professional AMR deployment. Designed to simplify integration, enhance productivity, and streamline the setup, ROEQ Assist software loads pre-coded missions into the MiR robot, which can then be modified in the MiR interface, resulting in quick and consistent application deployments for robust AMR setups throughout your facility.

ROEQ Assist also provides pre-defined footprints to further ease the setup of your AMR.

In addition, ROEQ provides tailored safety zones, that fit ROEQ equipment. On ROEQ cart solutions, these zones are activated automatically by the top module, enabling the robot to navigate its missions safely and effectively.


About ROEQ
ROEQ develops mobile robotic equipment (MRE) that effectively bridges the gap between the warehouse and production, allowing industry to achieve fully automated internal logistics. Founded in 2017, ROEQ is a 100% Danish-owned company with the majority of its robotic components also supplied by Danish companies. The ROEQ range of top modules, cart, rack and lifter and roller solutions makes it possible for a MiR robot to pick up transport and drop off carts or pallets with items on with no human involvement. ROEQ equipment is used in the industrial, healthcare, and logistics sectors. Today, ROEQ develops, manufactures, and sells its products in nearly 40 countries through more than 100 distributors.

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