The World's First Dual-Arm Autonomous Robotic Sanding Cell

BetterWay Products, a premier supplier of composite components to the marine, recreational vehicles, and manufactured housing industries, has tackled labor shortages and boosted production efficiency by embracing bleeding-edge automation solutions. The growing demand in the composites industry for skilled labor prompted BetterWay to take a pioneering step in this direction. With the help of GrayMatter Robotics, BetterWay Products Inc. deployed the state-of-the-art AI-powered dual-arm robotic solution.


"Most of industrial robots are all point to point or programming type and not the autonomous robots like you see behind me. That is a new technology, we're looking at the only two robots in the world that sand autonomously," says Clint Decker, Group VP of Fiberglass BUs, Patrick Industries Inc.


Scan&Sand™, the brainchild of GrayMatter Robotics, is a turnkey solution that combines the power of GMR-AI, GrayMatter's physics-informed AI, with industrial robotics and sophisticated sensing capabilities. This remarkable system redefines manufacturing operations, particularly in sanding processes, by significantly increasing speed, maintaining consistency, and enhancing overall effectiveness.

One of the key advantages of Scan&Sand™ is its user-friendly interface, enabling operators with no prior robotics or automation experience to operate the system with ease. For BetterWay Products, the introduction of this innovative solution resulted in a 4x throughput increase, a reduction of ⅓ of consumable usage, and a reduced onboarding time from 2 months for sanding parts manually to 1 day of sanding parts with robots, effectively alleviating workforce stress and increasing overall efficiency.


At the heart of Scan&Sand™ lies GMR-AI, a physics-informed AI that empowers robots to program themselves efficiently and operate safely in high-mix, high-variability manufacturing environments. The rapid deployment of this technology seamlessly integrates with existing operations, optimizing efficiency without causing disruption.


Scan&Sand™ is also a pioneering development in the world of specialty vehicles and marine manufacturing as it is the first dual-armed autonomous robotic sanding cell, setting new standards in surface finishing and high-mix manufacturing. BetterWay Products, known for its forward-thinking approach, is proud to be the first to adopt this cutting-edge solution and demonstrate its immense benefits to the marine industry.


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